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Strengthening the Group's business base in the growth markets of the ASEAN region Providing global IT services and the latest solutions

As Japanese companies globalize at an accelerating rate, demands from clients to make use of IT environments with the same quality and functionality as their domestic systems at their overseas business locations are increasing. Given this state of affairs, CTC regards global expansion as an important business theme, and is driving new business in overseas markets by utilizing its extensive track record of large-scale system building in Japan, and know-how obtained through the provision of various (primarily data center based) cloud services.

In the ASEAN region, a high level of growth is anticipated in the IT market in particular, and numerous Japanese-based firms-primarily centered around the manufacturing industry-are now expanding their operations there. In July 2012, CTC invested in Thai IT enterprise Netband Consulting Co., Ltd. From the end of fiscal 2012, CTC also acquired IT enterprises in Malaysia and Singapore and made them CTC Group subsidiaries. Through initiatives such as these, we have worked to build an organizational structure that can cater to the needs of customers in the region.

Moving forward, we will deploy the high-level technological capabilities and IT service quality that we have developed in Japan to these three firms in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand; and expand these businesses to regionally and locally-based, Japanese-run firms using the integrated, total capabilities of the CTC Group.


Overseas Group Companies & Affiliates

Communicating the latest trends as the CTC Group's IT gateway

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America, Inc. (CTC America)

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America, Inc.

IITOCHU Techno-Solutions America, Inc. became a CTC Group subsidiary by the acquisition of its shares in 2012. Its Santa Clara headquarters on the West Coast conducts research into the latest cutting-edge technologies and IT market trends in the North America region, and opens the way for new products; while its New York offices provide systems development, maintenance and operation services, chiefly for Japanese-affiliated financial institutions. As the Group's IT gateway, CTC America opens the way for new technologies and products/services, conducts information gathering activities, and communicates the latest IT trends to the rest of the CTC Group.

Established 1990
Became a CTC subsidiary 2012
URL http://www.ctc-america.com/

Providing comprehensive global IT services in the ASEAN region

CTC Global Sdn. Bhd. (CTC Global Malaysia)

CTC Global Sdn. Bhd.

After it was spun off from CSC Malaysia in 2013, CTC Global Sdn. Bhd. became a subsidiary of CTC with the acquisition of its shares. Aside from its head office, the company has 22 other sales and support locations in Malaysia, selling products and providing year-round 24-hour maintenance and operation support services to a wide range of clients, including major local financial institutions and clients in the manufacturing industry. In ranks with the very top Malaysian systems integrators in terms of sales.

Established January 2013
(Separated from CSC Malaysia (est. 1971) to become an independent entity.)
Became a CTC subsidiary March 2013
URL http://www.ctc-g.com.my/

CTC Global Pte. Ltd. (CTC Global Singapore)

CTC Global Pte. Ltd.

CTC Global Pte. Ltd. has provided product sales and year-round 24-hour maintenance and operation support services to a wide range of clients in Singapore for over 40 years, including major financial institutions, government agencies and clients in the manufacturing industry (including Japanese-affiliated companies). It ranks among the top systems integrators in Singapore in terms of sales. The company became a CTC Group subsidiary in 2013 with the acquisition of shares.

Established 1972 (formerly CSC Automated Pte. Ltd.)
Became a CTC subsidiary March 2013
URL http://www.ctc-g.com.sg/

Offering IT solutions through collaboration with local businesses

Netband Consulting Co., Ltd. (Netband)


Netband Consulting Co., Ltd. is regarded as a mid-sized systems integrator in Thailand. It became an affiliate of the CTC Group in 2012 by CTC capital participation. Netband is engaged in product sales and solutions business, offering IT solutions to a wide range of clients; including not only Japanese-affiliated firms but also major Thai manufacturing companies, financial institutions, hospitals and telecommunications carriers.

Established 1996
Capital participation by CTC 2012
URL http://www.netband.co.th/
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