Quality Improvement Activities:
Initiatives to Improve Quality of Products

Initiatives to Improve the Quality of Our Products

At CTC, we are engaged in the following initiatives to improve the quality of our products.

(1) Quality Meetings with Product Vendors

To improve the quality of our products, we communicate frequently with product vendors. We also hold monthly Quality Meetings with major product vendors and share quality targets with them. At these meetings, we deliver reports to our product vendors including the voices of clients and the status of products, and make requests for proactive responses to these reports. Where necessary, we also hold Quality Forums including the senior person responsible for quality at overseas product vendors, and seek to improve quality through sufficient communication.

(2) Quality Management

Quality Management

We have created a Quality Management System, and are working continuously to improve our processes with the objective of enhancing both client satisfaction and product quality.

In September 2008, we obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification for our shipping inspection work processes.

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