Quality Improvement Activities:
Initiatives to Improve Quality of Systems Development Services

Establishment and application of SINAVI

CTC is advancing the standardization of various work tasks with the aim of improving task quality and productivity in the development process; by standardizing project management, quality management, the development process and the development environment, organizing them into systematic SI standard systems (SINAVI), and proactively applying this system to development projects. We are also aiming to achieve integrated quality improvement by promoting the adoption and application of SINAVI at partner companies both in Japan and overseas.


SINAVI(P) Project Management: Sound project advancement

CTC develops guidelines for project managers, and shares specific knowledge for ensuring sound project management. We have also constructed organizational frameworks for ensuring that projects are appropriately controlled.

SINAVI(Q) Quality Management: ISO9001-compliiant quality management system

CTC implements group-wide organizational activities in order to provide systems based on the quality requirements of clients. We have constructed a Quality Management System (CQMS), and many organizational units have obtained ISO9001 certification.

SINAVI(M) Standard Processes: standardized development and infrastructure-building processes

CTC has established standardized development and infrastructure-building processes. We advance projects by sharing information about the development approach with stakeholders at an early stage in the development, and giving them an idea of how the final deliverables for the project will look.

Standardization: standard processes(Japanese Only)

SINAVI(E) Development Environment: Development environments that meet industry standards

CTC has established development frameworks based on the OSS industry standard. We have also proactively introduced various development support tools, and are driving gains in quality and efficiency in development projects.

Standardization: development environments(Japanese Only)

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