Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The CTC Group's Business Continuity Plan (BCP) seeks to ensure continuity and/or early-stage recovery of critical services and defines measures for minimizing damage, even in the face of a large-scale disaster such as a major earthquake.

Basic Policy

As a company that provides total support for our clients across all stages of their IT life cycles, we feel that it is our mission to contribute to the continuity of their businesses by ensuring the continuity of our own. We make it our basic policy to fulfill our social responsibilities by working to prevent human and/or physical damage to our group from large-scale disasters and other risks, and ensure continuity of essential services to the greatest possible extent, and achieve a speedy recovery in the case of interruption or failure of those services.

Anticipated Risks

Based on the results of discussions by the Japanese Government's Central Disaster Management Council, we take our anticipated risk to be a Tokyo Inland Earthquake, with epicenter in the northern part of Tokyo Bay, for which the degree of damage is anticipated to be the greatest. We anticipate the greatest seismic intensity level of such an earthquake to be an Upper-6.

Establishment of Emergency Response Headquarters and Continuation of Head Office Functions

In the event of the occurrence of an earthquake of seismic intensity level Lower-6 or above, the company establishes an Emergency Response Headquarters with the president as its director. We have established an organizational structure whereby even in the event that the corporate head office becomes inoperable, the Emergency Response Headquarters and critical head office functions can be transferred to one of our data centers to ensure continuity.

Verification of Safety & Well Being of Corporate Officers and Employees and Information Gathering

In the event of an emergency, we prioritize our efforts to ensure and verify the safety and well-being of our corporate officers and employees, and do so via our safety verification system, which is already in place; and facilitate prompt information gathering and contact through the placement of emergency telecommunications measures* at our major locations.

  • *MCA (Multi Channel Access System) radio, disaster-priority telephones, etc.

Critical Services for which Continuity Should Be Ensured

We regard the following services as critical services for which early-stage recovery is particularly essential, and seek to ensure prompt recovery and continuity of operations and services in accordance with a pre-stipulated plans and procedural documents.

  1. Maintenance Services
  2. Operation Services
  3. Data Center Services

Coordination & Cooperation with Local Communities

In addition to our efforts to prevent and reduce disasters at our group, according to the situation, we also endeavor to provide support and cooperate with the local community; such as by making part of our premises and buildings open to the community, and providing supplies and provisions.

Educational Training, Drills and Reviews

In addition to holding annual drills to ensure the smoothness of our activities as an organization in times of disaster, we also conduct regular inspections and reviews.

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