Environmental Initiatives

The CTC Group is deeply aware of the importance of reducing the amount of energy it uses (as part of our efforts to prevent global warming), promoting the effective utilization of resources and preserving biodiversity, such that a sustainable global environment may be passed on to future generations; and is engaged in various environmental improvement activities.

Environmental Activities Policy

The CTC Group has established an Environmental Activities Policy based on its corporate philosophy, and is working to fulfill its social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, aiming to achieve harmony between its business activities and the global environment.

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Environmental Management System

In addition to contributing to the reduction of environmental burdens by our clients as one aspect of our CSR activities through our businesses, we are also working to reduce environmental burdens associated with our own business activities by driving environmental improvement initiatives under our environmental management system framework, which centers around the use of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles.
We have attained ISO14001 certification at a total of 23 business locations (20 offices and 3 data center locations), and are engaged in efforts to expand this number further. We are also working to drive environmental improvement activities at business locations across the entire CTC Group, regardless of their ISO certification status.

ISO14001 Certificate
ISO14001 Appendix

Environmental Management Structure

We engage in group-wide environmental improvement activities under the management of the Sustainability Committee chairman and Environmental Control Manager; with our Environmental Managers and Eco Leaders and Deputy Eco Leaders (who are responsible for driving environmental activities) in their particular departments, including at group companies, taking a central role in these activities.


Environmental Improvement Activities

Based on Groupwide environmental targets, each organization works to reduce environmental impact by using virtualization and cloud technologies to improve the efficiency and cut the energy consumption of client IT systems. The Group also strives to reduce its own energy usage by installing highly efficient equipment at proprietary datacenters and by encouraging staff to start work earlier in order to cut electricity consumption at offices at night time. CTC has been certified as an S-class company,the highest grade.

Environmental Education

We conduct environmental education for the entire CTC Group via e-learning on an annual basis. For Eco Leaders and Deputy Eco Leaders, we conduct training courses via e-learning and streaming to equip them with the necessary capabilities to drive environmental activities throughout the year. We also select internal auditors from amongst our employees, and conduct basic training (via e-learning) and external instructor-run training sessions for them on an annual basis to develop their skills and knowledge.

Environmental Compliance Status

We conduct periodic checks for changes and revisions to laws and regulations, and check our compliance status on a regular basis. We also conduct annual internal audits. No violations of environmental laws or regulations (such as atmospheric pollution or waste disposal issues) have taken place over the last three years.

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Preventing Global Warming

Introduces CTC's efforts towards reducing energy usage and CO2 emissions

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Environmental accounting

Domestic environmental conservation costs for fiscal 2017 are as follows.

Aggregation scope:ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
Period covered:April 01, 2017 - March 31, 2018

Environmental protection cost

(Unit: million)
Classification FY2017
(1) Cost within business area 267
(2) Upstream / downstream cost 0
(3) Management activity cos 44.9
(4) Research and development costs 34.5
(5) Social activity cost 9.2
(6) Environmental damage handling cost 0
Total 355.6

Effective Utilization of Resources

Presents the state of the CTC Group's efforts to increase the percentage of waste recycled into resources and minimize the use of paper, etc.

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Reducing Environmental Burdens

CTC checks with vendors regarding the status of all the products it handles with respect to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives, etc., and shares the latest, up-to-date information throughout the CTC Group.

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Aid and Support for Reforestation in Borneo

From fiscal 2009 to 2012, CTC provided aid and support for an environmental reforestation (i.e. forest planting) program on the island of Borneo as a member of the ITOCHU Group.


As well as endorsing the Mottainai campaign, CTC also supports WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature in Japan).

Tree Planting Project

CTC Group employees are engaging in tree planting project in the Sen-nen Kibou no Oka (hill of thousand-year hopes) support program in Iwamura City, Miyagi Prefecture to help rebuilding the affected area and to protect the lives of local resident when disasters strike.

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