Environmental Activities Policy


The ITOCHU Techno-Solutions (CTC) Group works vigorously to make effective use of resources and to prevent global warming, aiming to achieve harmony between its business activities and the global environment based on a constant awareness of the CTC Philosophy. In addition, with full recognition of the importance of preserving biological diversity, we will fulfill our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

CTC Group Philosophy

Basic Policies

To help create an advanced information society, the CTC Group will pursue environmental initiatives with a sustained and organized approach through its general day-to-day business of providing optimal solutions to customers based on leading-edge information technologies and an accurate insight into customer needs. To do this, the Group will endeavor to continuously improve its environmental management system and will act on the basic environmental policies set out the right column.

1. Promoting operations on customers' environmental issues

The CTC Group will actively promote its operations on customers' environmental issues, such as reducing the environmental impact and increasing environmental efficiency using information technologies.

2. Advancing environmental initiatives

The CTC Group will advance its activities to improve the environment, such as energy saving, resource conservation, waste reduction and the preferential purchase of environmental friendly goods, in an effort to lower its environmental impact, prevent pollution and preserve the environment. It will also incorporate this policy into the CTC Group Code of Conduct.

3. Complying with related legislation

The CTC Group will comply with legislation relating to environmental conservation and other agreements it has signed.

4. Building environment awareness

The CTC Group will publicy disclose this Environmental Activities Policy and make it known to all members to build environmental awareness throughout the Group.

Satoshi Kikuchi
President & CEO
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)

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