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About CSR Management

The CTC Group believes that it is important to drive CSR activities through the daily work duties of each and every one of its employees. Based around the following materialities (i.e. key issues), we are advancing our CSR activities by setting targets such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and implementing PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles.

The CTC Group's Materialities (material topics)

By absorbing information such as international guidelines on sustainability, key social challenges viewed as important issues by CSR assessment organizations, etc., and the opinions of its stakeholders, the CTC Group has identified material topics to forcus on its CSR activites.

Identification of Materialities (Key Issues)

The CTC Group's materiality - material topic assessment process

We examined and identified the CTC Group's materiality by referencing international sustainability guidelines, social issues that CSR assessment bodies and other organizations focus on, and opinions from stakeholders.

Step 1: Compiled and organized material issues to be considered

Ascertain and list important items for consideration

We compiled a list of 27 candidates for material topics based on a wide-ranging review of our corporate philosophy, the Generation 4 Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (G4 Guidelines), the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and disclosure requirements set out by institutions that use socially responsibility investing (SRI) strategies.

Step 2: Surveyed stakeholders

Conduct questionnaire surveys of stakeholders

We carried out a survey of our stakeholders, asking them to evaluate the importance of each of the 27 material topic candidates.

Step 3: Conducted dialogue with experts

Hold dialogues with knowledgeable experts

Based on the results of the stakeholder survey, we carried out a dialogue with experts to narrow down the material topics the CTC Group should tackle. We then evaluated and organized their proposals and suggestions from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

Step 4: Created a Materiality Map for review by management executives

Prepare a

Based on the survey results and analysis in steps 1 through 3, we created a Materiality Map visualizing the impact of each of the 27 material topic candidates on our business and stakeholders using concrete figures. As the final step in the verification process, we asked CTC's management executives to review the material topics.

Step 5: Identified materiality

Identify materialities

We extracted materiality - the areas that the CTC Group should address as a matter of priority in terms of the impact on its business and stakeholders. The extracted materiality is defined as the CTC's Group materiality, which reflects our corporate philosophy in more straightforward terms.

CSR Promotion Structure

The CTC Group drives its CSR initiatives primarily through its CSR & Compliance Committee, an advisory council to the Management Committee. The Committee is composed of committee members selected from amongst specified operating groups/units and operating companies. CSR & Compliance Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis, and include reviews of current initiatives and deliberations regarding future initiatives.

CSR Promotion Structure

CSR Promotion Structure

CTC Group Stakeholders

We will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by valuing dialogues with our stakeholders, maintaining good relationships and working to develop and improve our relationships with them. We believe that the global environment that surrounds us is also a very important stakeholder in our business. We will also continue to work proactively to implement the things that we are able to do at this present time with regard to global-scale issues such as global warming, the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of ecosystems.

List of Stakeholders & Dialogue Opportunities

CTC and its stakeholders

CTC and its stakeholders

Shareholders & Investors

The General Meeting of Shareholders-comprising CTC shareholders-is the CTC Group's supreme decision making organization. CTC manages its operations in accordance with the judgments of this General Meeting. In order to manage our business in a balanced way, it is very important that investors from many different fields and areas of society continue to invest in the the Group. To ensure a high level of transparency in the management of our business, we will continue to endeavor to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

Main Opportunities for Dialogue
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Business results briefings
  • Investor interviews
  • IR website
  • IR materials (business reports, annual reports, etc.)


The CTC Group's customers are the clients who deal directly with us, and the end users who make use of the products and services of those clients. By supplying high-quality, highly convenient products and services that cater accurately to the demands of society, while communicating closely with our clients and constantly maintaining the perspective of our end users, we will continue to contribute to creating a sustainable social infrastructure together with our customers.

Main Opportunities for Dialogue
  • Sales activities
  • Client-oriented seminars, exhibitions/expositions
  • Inquiries desk


As an IT solutions provider, the CTC Group's employees are its greatest asset. We are continually striving to create a workplace environment in which it is easy to work, where each and every one of our employees can grow and develop, make maximum use of their abilities and realize their full potential; and seeking to enrich and improve working conditions to enable employees to live rich, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Main Opportunities for Dialogue
  • Internal newsletters, company Intranet
  • Questionnaires
  • HR department point of contact & interviews
  • Whistleblowing
  • Labor-management council meetings
  • Information exchange meetings (e.g. childcare issues, etc.)


All of our suppliers are important business partners. By communicating closely with these partners, we endeavor to build sound partnerships, and to grow and develop together with them.

Main Opportunities for Dialogue
  • Partner-oriented briefings
  • Periodical meetings for talks/discussions with partners

Local Communities

As a member of its local communities, the CTC Group aims to achieve the realization of a richer, more comfortable society, through the use of resources such as people (i.e. human resources), knowledge, information and technology.

Main Opportunities for Dialogue
  • Volunteering activities
  • Regular collaborations with local government and neighboring businesses
  • Participation in local/regional community events
  • Collaborations with the Social Welfare Council, NGOs and NPOs
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