Relationship with Our Clients

Basic Stance on Relationship with Our Clients

In driving its business activities, CTC's primary concern is to provide its clients with convenient, safe, high-quality products and services that offer them security and peace of mind; working under our Quality Policy of offering high quality services and improving customer satisfaction.

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Initiatives to Improve Quality

We have established-and are operating-a quality management system based on the ISO9001 standard, as a company/group-wide mechanism to enable us to continue providing higher quality services. In addition to improving the quality of our services, by advancing our quality management efforts from a client perspective we also aim to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

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SI Process System


Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS)

CTC values its basic stance of listening to the voices of customers and making use of them to improve its products and services. We are continually collecting evaluations from our clients with regard to our project activities.

From the opinions of customers collected during fiscal 2014, we found that while we had been highly appraised in terms of our strict adherence to delivery deadlines and our communication abilities, there was an issue for us to tackle with regard to our ability to propose solutions. We utilize evaluations and issues submitted to us by customers in this way as reference materials for improving our project activities and business management processes, and implement these improvements uniformly across the CTC Group. We also conduct follow-ups on a project-by-project basis with regard to how we can effectively link these client evaluations to our improvement activities.

Moving forward, we will continue to work and implement PDCA cycles in the further pursuit of improved customer satisfaction.

Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS)
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