CTC Group History

Oct - 2006 ITOCHU Techno Science Corporation and CRC Solutions Corp. integrate their management structures and merge to form ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation.
As a result of the merger, CRC Systems, CRC Facilities, First Contact and Asahi Business Solutions become consolidated subsidiaries of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation.
Jan - 2007 Osaki Development Center in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Apr - 2007 Inherits all software maintenance services and some hardware maintenance services from subsidiary CTC Technology Corporation (CTCT) through a corporate divestiture
Jul - 2008 CTC System Operations Corporation established as a consolidated subsidiary
Oct - 2008 Mejirozaka Data Center in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo opened
Apr - 2010 HINARI Corporation established as a subsidiary to promote employment of people with disabilities
Apr - 2011 CRC Systems and CRC Facilities change trade names to CTC Systems Corporation and CTC Facilities Corporation (CTCF)
Singapore branch office established.
Mar - 2012 All shares in US-based firm ITOCHU Technology, Inc. acquired, making it a consolidated subsidiary
Apr - 2012 Trade name of ITOCHU Technology, Inc. changed to ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America, Inc.
Jul - 2012 Invested in Netband Consulting Co., Ltd. in Thailand
Mar - 2013 All shares in Malaysia-based firm CSC ESI Sdn. Bhd. and Singapore-based firm CSC Automated Pte. Ltd. Acquired, making them consolidated subsidiaries
May - 2013 Trade names of CSC ESI Sdn. Bhd. and CSC Automated Pte. Ltd. changed to CTC Global Sdn. Bhd. and CTC Global Pte. Ltd.
Apr - 2014 CTC System Operations and CTC System Service merged to create CTC System Management Corporation (CTCS)
Trade name of CTC Laboratory Systems changed to CTC Life Science Corporation (CTCLS)
May - 2015 Trade name of First Contact changed to CTC First Contact Corporation (CTCFC)
Feb - 2017 PT. CTC Techno Solutions Indonesia established as a subsidiary of CTC Global Sdn. Bhd.
Apr - 2017 CTC Life Science Corporation (CTCLS) converted to a division
Jul - 2017 CTC First Contact Corporation converted to a joint corporation with BELLSYSTEM24 Holdings, Inc.
Nov - 2017 CTC Business Expert Corporation (CTCBE) established
All shares in Thailand-based firm Netband Consulting Co., Ltd. acquired, making it a consolidated subsidiary
Jan - 2018 Trade names of Netband Consulting Co., Ltd. changed to CTC Global (Thailand) Ltd.

ITOCHU Techno-Science Corporation

Apr - 1972 C. ITOH Data Systems Co., Ltd. founded in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, as a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation
Jul - 1979 Hamilton/Avnet Electronics Japan Limited (predecessor of ITOCHU Techno-Science Corporation) established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo as a wholly owned subsidiary of Avnet, Inc.
Apr - 1984 ITOCHU Data Systems Corporation begins sale of UNIX workstations manufactured by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Oct - 1984 Hamilton/Avnet Electronics becomes a subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation following capital participation in its equity ownership by ITOCHU Corporation and C. ITOH Data Systems
Apr - 1985 Trade name of Hamilton/Avnet Electronics changed to C. ITOH Micronics Corp.
Head office relocated to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Jun - 1986 Trade name of C. ITOH Micronics Corp. changed to ITOCHU Techno-Science Corporation
Head office relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo
Jul - 1986 Takes over Factory Automation and Semiconductor divisions of ITOCHU Data Systems, and establishes Osaka and Nagoya branch offices at Higashi-ku, Osaka and Naka-ku, Nagoya
Jun - 1988 Head office relocated to Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Oct - 1989 C. ITOH Data Systems absorbed in a merger and CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation established as a subsidiary
Apr - 1990 CTC Technology Corporation and CTCSP Corporation established as subsidiaries (now consolidated subsidiaries)
Apr - 1992 Sales of network device products manufactured by Cisco Systems, Inc. commence
Oct - 1992 Sales of database software products manufactured by Oracle Corporation commence
Mar - 1995 Sales rights for Compaq products acquired from ITOCHU Corporation
Nov - 1996 Head office relocated to Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Feb - 1998 Increases capital through private placement of new shares
Apr - 1999 All shares in Form Systems acquired, converting it to a subsidiary and changing its trade name to CTC Business Service Corporation (CTCBS, now a consolidated subsidiary)
Dec - 1999 Shares are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jun - 2000 ISO14001 certification obtained
Nov - 2004 Head office relocated to Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Mar - 2005 Technical Solution Center (TSC) opens at Kudan Office in Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo as a technical verification center
Apr - 2005 MAXIS Consulting Corporation established as a subsidiary
Aug - 2005 Privacy Mark certification obtained from JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing and Development Center)

CRC Solutions Corp.

Nov - 1958 Company founded as Tokyo Electronic Computing Service Co., Ltd. in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, owned 75% by ITOCHU Corporation and 25% by Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Apr - 1961 Trade name changed from Tokyo Electronic Computing Service to C. Itoh Electronic Computing Service Co., Ltd.
Oct - 1971 Trade name changed from C. Itoh Electronic Computing Service Co., Ltd. to Century Research Center Corporation due to capital participation by Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd. (now Mizuho Bank) and other investors
Jan - 1980 The first Cray Supercomputer (CRAY-1) introduced to Japan from US firm Cray
Apr - 1984 ITOCHU System Development established (later becomes ITOCHU Information Systems) in Minato-ku, Tokyo, as a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation
Oct - 1984 CRC Systems established as a subsidiary (now CRC Systems Corp., a consolidated subsidiary)
May - 1986 CRC Technical established as a subsidiary
Nov - 1987 Century Computer Center established (later became ITOCHU Information Systems) together with ITOCHU Corporation in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama
Jan - 1988 Yokohama Computer Center opened in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama
Jul - 1991 Trade name of Century Research Center changed to CRC Research Institute, Inc.
Oct - 1991 Shares are registered for over-the-counter trading with the Japan Securities Dealers Association
Jul - 1993 ITOCHU System Development merges with Century Computer Center to become ITOCHU Systems & Technologies Corporation
Jan - 1995 Kobe Computer Center opened in Kita-ku, Kobe
May - 1995 Head office relocated to Koto-ku, Tokyo
Oct - 1995 Merges with ITOCHU Systems & Technologies Corporation
Mar - 1996 Accudata Research Institute Inc. (now a consolidated subsidiary) established in Taipei, Taiwan
Apr - 2000 First Contact Corporation (now a consolidated subsidiary) established
Jul - 2000 IT Facility Management (now the consolidated subsidiary CRC Facilities Corp.) established
Oct - 2000 Otemachi Internet Data Center opened in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Dec - 2000 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Aug - 2001 Trade name of CRC Research Institute, Inc. changed to CRC Solutions Corp.
Shares in Asahi Business Solutions Corp., a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries, Ltd., acquired and a strategic alliance formed (now a consolidated subsidiary)
Sep - 2002 Transferred to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jan - 2004 Asahi Business Solutions Corp. converted to a consolidated subsidiary, strengthening the business partnership between the two companies
Mar - 2005 Info Avenue Corporation converted to a subsidiary
Apr - 2005 Shibuya Data Center opened in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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