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CTC to Launch Data Center Virtualization and Integration Solution

Promoting autonomous data centers to reduce the operating burden and provide support for IT discipline and business continuity

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoshi Kikuchi; hereinafter, "CTC") is set to launch a data center virtual integration solution in August this year, with the aim of virtually integrating multiple data centers in remote locations into a single data center, and batch controlling their respective resources using software. This is the first time that any company in Japan has offered a software-based integrated management solution that is capable of virtualizing multiple data centers in different locations, within a multi-vendor environment.
CTC will start by setting up a demonstration environment at its data centers in Yokohama and Kobe in July, and intends to market this new solution to data center operators and other companies working with multiple data centers, such as in the form of private clouds.

Companies operating in numerous locations, or even globally, need to exert greater control over their IT disciplines and implement disaster contingency measures. To do that, they need strategic IT initiatives, aimed at consolidating system administration capabilities at their headquarters for instance. At the same time, IT system divisions spend most of their time operating existing systems. Developing strategic IT initiatives, by integrating systems and simplifying operations, is therefore becoming a key priority in terms of saving time and money.

CTC's efforts to establish a virtualization business and autonomous data centers

CTC has already implemented a range of virtualization and integration initiatives to date, including multi virtual data center trials using numerous data centers in remote locations as a single data center. The company is also promoting SDI*1 services designed to facilitate the development and operation of an increasingly diverse range of IT resources. These include "vDeps", a virtual IT infrastructure solution that creates a virtual data center environment, and CTC's software-based network control option "SDN*2 Solutions".
Making the most of its existing expertise, CTC has been working to create autonomous data centers that are capable of virtually integrating multiple data centers into a single IT infrastructure, flexibly controlling IT infrastructures using software, and automatically optimizing allocation and levels of resources in line with usage and the performance of individual systems.

Data center virtual integration solutions

This new solution is the first in a series of autonomous data center solutions, capable of virtualizing server, storage and network resources in remote locations and integrating them into a single IT infrastructure. Using cloud-managed software, it enables users to control individual resources, carry out operations and maintenance, reconfigure systems, and prepare and use IT resources, all via a self-service portal. The ability to manage IT systems in one location, regardless of the geographical distance between them, will help to streamline operating structures, whilst also enabling users to exert greater control over their IT disciplines and reinforce disaster contingency measures. With an anticipated saving of around 30% in operating costs, this will also enable users to make better use of backup IT resources, which are usually lying idle, and optimize IT asset costs.
The demonstration environment, which will go live in July, will virtually integrate IT infrastructures with different system configurations, pre-prepared at CTC's data centers in Yokohama and Kobe, and create an environment in which they can be controlled from CTC's Osaki Office via a dedicated portal. It will also be possible to check on the status of systems at the data centers in Yokohama and Kobe. In September, CTC is planning to trial its virtual integration solution between data centers in Yokohama and Malaysia.

CTC intends to built on this solution to expand automation capabilities even further in the future, whilst also enabling autonomous data centers using customer's own systems, developing and providing a range of flexible IT infrastructure services, and providing support for environments in which customers can reduce their operating burden and engage in strategic IT investment.

Virtual integration and software-based control of data centers in remote locations

Virtual integration and software-based control of data centers in remote locations

Outline of the demonstration environment between YCC and KCC

Outline of the demonstration environment between YCC and KCC
  • *1Short for "software defined infrastructure", SDI is a concept being promoted by CTC as part of its solutions aimed at selecting and using software to control entire IT infrastructures.
  • *2Short for "software defined network", SDN is a generic term for a software-controlled network whereby systems change dynamically (network configuration, channels, etc.) to create an autonomous network.

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