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CTC Commences Big Data Solution for Log Analysis

Utilization of Large Quantity of Logs of IT Devices Contributes to Stable System Operation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter “CTC”) today commences offering of a log analysis solution specializing in utilization of logs of IT device behavior. The solution comprehensively provides consulting, system building and operational support, minimizing the ever-increasing workload of log management and analysis. It will cover Internet service providers (ISPs) and cloud service providers, companies with many different networks and companies using virtual technologies to provide a Web service from a vast quantity of servers.

Corporate IT systems consist of servers to provide services, network devices including firewalls and network load balancers, application software for specific activities, and many other IT devices and software. As the processing capacity of computers improves, the types and components of the systems increase. From the perspectives of internal control and security, demand for long-term storage of logs to serve as proof of behavior of IT devices is increasing. Companies with large IT systems have to face the challenges of securing an area for storing logs that may be on the scale of petabytes, and ensure that signs of failure, security threats and other information useful to companies can be quickly extracted from the logs.

CTC commences provision of a big data solution for analyzing large quantities of logs based on its history of verification using the Big Data Processing Lab (BPL), a verification facility that is part of the CTC Technical Solution Center (TSC) and that specializes in big data, and of providing IT infrastructural solutions and system operation services. This is a comprehensive service and covers a range of areas including inspection and verification of a current system with the use of the BPL (called PoC:Proof of Concept), design and development of a log analysis base, support in log collection and analysis and operational support for log analysis bases. Log analysis allows companies to detect signs of system failure and take action before a failure occurs, as well as detecting security threats such as intrusion into and manipulation of the system. In this way it ensures stable system operation.

Our internal testing found that parallel processing made log analysis up to 200 times faster. A verification example using BPL reduced the cost of log analysis and collection by up to 80%.

In February 2013, CTC systematized its service as CTC BD-Navi by aggregating its expertise in big data. The extent of its offer ranges from consulting on analysis and utilization of big data to support in introducing system infrastructure. The log analysis solution is offered as a service for support in product selection/PoC and introduction of system infrastructure.

CTC will remain committed to facilitating utilization of big data in system operation and contributing to stable operation of its customers' systems. Related services will also be strengthened in an effort to support customers in their use of big data.

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Item Description
PoC (Proof of Concept) Verification service performed by BPL for the purpose of identifying customers' demands
Design/development of log analysis base Service for designing and developing IT infrastructure for log analysis
Log collection support Service for making settings for data collection, and for introducing related tools
Log analysis Service for providing and making settings for a sample analysis program adapted to customers' requests
Operation support Backup, quality assurance and other activities in service for operation support


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