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CTC Strengthens Functionality for deviceSAFE, the Cloud Service for Smart Device Management

Commences collaboration with CACHATTO remote access service for corporations

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation today commences functional cooperation with the CACHATTO remote access service for corporations provided by e-Jan Networks Co. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Shiro Sakamoto, Representative Director) to strengthen the functionality of deviceSAFE, the cloud service that consolidates anti-virus management and Mobile Device Management (MDM; systems and functions for managing smartphones and tablet terminals).

deviceSAFE is a cloud service that consolidates the functions of both anti-virus software and MDM. The service has been adopted by approximately 20 companies in the manufacturing and retail industries, as well as trading companies and ICT operators. CACHATTO is a service that provides convenient thin-client style access to company email, schedules and other in-company systems from the browser on a smartphone or mobile telephone. The service, which is distributed by CTCSP Corporation, a CTC Group company, has more than 180,000 users at 570 companies.

With the functional cooperation between deviceSAFE and CACHATTO, deviceSAFE can now carry out the basic functions for managing smart devices such as usage policy distribution when smart devices are used for business purposes, device status monitoring, data deletion (wipe) in case of loss of the terminal as well as the antivirus software management functions, while CACHATTO facilitates in-company information sharing through internal email, groupware, or browsing company file servers, all on a single terminal. CTC provides both services in a one-stop format to customers who are looking at ways to optimize their businesses using smart devices.

In the future, CTC also plans to use deviceSAFE to provide Mobile Application Management (MAM; system and functions for managing applications installed on smartphones, tablets and other smart devices) services, which allow managers to distribute the applications required for sales, SE or other job categories.

As well as continuing to strengthen deviceSAFE functions, CTC supports working style innovation at corporations, and aims to expand services centered on smart devices.

Outline of CACHATTO Connectivity

  • CACHATTO V.5.1 R3 reinforces MDM policies and adds deviceSAFE connectivity
  • If an MDM policy is validated by CACHATTO, other devices than those controlled by deviceSAFE can limit CACHATTO use
  • By using the electronic certificate function in deviceSAFE, it is possible to limit the use of multiple terminals

About CTCSP Corporation

Established in April 1990, CTCSP is a Group company of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation. Based on partnerships with corporations worldwide, CTCSP delivers the necessary products for in-house infrastructure and for cloud infrastructure as well as independent solutions to customers in Japan.

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