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CTC Begins Database Analysis Service for Future Use of Big Data

Supporting checkup of performance of database systems and their stable operations

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter "CTC") will today begin offering the Advanced Analysis and Advisory Service. Upgraded from its conventional service related to database construction and operations, this analysis service checks and analyzes the database operation status to support the active use of data. With the new service priced from 1 million yen, CTC aims to achieve sales of 3 billion yen over the next three years, including those of consulting services and support services based on the checkup results and of related systems construction.


Today, the business sector has mounting hopes for the use of big data as a means of solving their issues. Corporate attention has focused on non-structured data, such as business documents, images, sound and video content, which account for a majority of business data. There are now needs for the use of data in existing corporate databases in combination with non-structured data and for quicker and higher-capacity data analyses.

Advanced Analysis and Advisory Service

CTC will today commence offering the Advanced Analysis and Advisory Service for clearing search, update and other database performance issues, which plays a significant role in the corporate use of information technology. The service adopts the MaxGauge database profiling tool offered by EXEM Japan Corporation to capture comprehensive information inside the database on a real-time basis to visualize its operation status. It swiftly detects the status of transactions waiting to be processed and delays and thereby contributes to predicting failure and responding swiftly in the event of failure. Since it is designed to place no load on the database at the time of data acquisition, it has no adverse impact on the services being offered.
CTC has already been offering support services related to the construction and operation of database systems for at least 30 years and conducts checkups on the operation status on the basis of its long experience and expertise.

Future Expansion

To provide support for the corporate use of data, CTC has offered the assessment service, the trial analysis service and the log analysis infrastructure solution for analyzing log data from the IT system in the framework of the CTC BD-Navi big data services.
CTC will continue to enrich its database-related services to ensure the stable operation of customers' systems and to help customers make use of big data.

About EXEM Co., Ltd.

EXEM Co., Ltd. was founded by its president and core members engaging mainly in database performance tuning at Oracle Korea.
In 2001, as a Korean vendor, it obtained NT certification from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE), IT certification from the Ministry of Information and Communication and KT certification from the Ministry of Science and Technology and won a Jang Yeong-sil Memorial Foundation Award. Not only offering products, it also operates services specializing in database management to support stable operation of customers' systems.

About EXEM Japan Corporation

EXEM Japan Corporation is a Japanese subsidiary of EXEM Co., Ltd. based in South Korea, which has developed the MaxGauge database profiling tool. It engages in a wide range of activities and services, including product sales centering on the MaxGauge, the database administration (DBA) service, the database tuning support and failure analysis support.


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