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CTCSP Commences Sales of Industry's First Mobile Thin Clients Powered by Windows Embedded OS

Adopting HP's mobile product and ensuring customization according to customers' business

CTCSP Corporation

CTCSP Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Shinichiro Sakuraba, President and Representative Director; hereinafter “CTCSP”), a CTC Group company engaged in sales of IT-related hardware and software, has reached an agreement with Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. (“HP”) and with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. to sell mobile thin client products. These products will feature Windows Embedded OS running on mobile devices from Hewlett-Packard Japan. CTCSP Corporation will commence sales of and maintenance support for the mobile thin clients that enable customization, such as the introduction of the pinching to zoom function on the screen and other specific applications as well as screen customization.
These are the industry's first thin client products with Windows Embedded OS in the category of tablets and laptops with 17-inch and larger screens. The sales target for the initial year, including those from incidental virtual servers and peripheral solutions, is set at one billion yen.

Lineup of mobile thin clients with Windows Embedded OS

Lineup of mobile thin clients with Windows Embedded OS

Expansion of the domestic market of mobile thin clients

Under the circumstances of office energy savings caused by the increasing number of teleworkers and the encouragement of teleworking and business continuity measures, IDC Japan estimates that the client virtualization rate will reach 37% in 2015 in Japan.
There have been mounting needs for client virtualization chiefly among local public entities since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The market for thin clients is expanding, following the end of support for Windows XP in April 2014. On the other hand, the transition of tablets, two-in-one laptops, large-screen laptops, and other mobile devices to thin clients is delayed in comparison with that of desktop computers and laptops. One explanation is the absence of mobile thin client products with customization support.
In an attempt to meet customers' needs, CTCSP will be launching sales of and maintenance support for mobile thin clients embedded with Windows Embedded OS customized to different HP-branded mobile devices. These mobile thin clients let users customize the operating system, authentication, peripheral devices, and other features according to their operations. They are the industry's first mobile thin clients that provide user customizability according to their needs with functions and applications for pinching to zoom on the tablet screen based on CTCSP's original technology, in biometrics, cards and one-time authentication systems, and in the management of USB devices that is difficult in the thin client environment.
Not confined to mobile thin clients, CTCSP provides a one-stop service that encompasses design, customization, construction as well as support of virtualization solutions, authentication solutions, and other ancillary systems required for the transition to thin clients.

The mechanism of Windows Embedded OS that leaves no data on thin client devices

The device is equipped with a read-only SSD memory. Windows Embedded OS provides a write protection function to ensure that no data are left on the device.

The mechanism of Windows Embedded OS that enables customization of mobile thin clients

With the use of CTCSP's original technology, the write protection filter has been customized. This has paved the way for optimization suited to users' operations, for example, permission of printouts only from a printer that is normally used and for incorporation of a biometric authentication application.


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