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CTC Provides Private Cloud for Automated Operations

Adding an SDN Function to Its VM Pool Private Cloud Solution

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO) announces that it has commenced selling Next Generation VM Pool, a private cloud solution with an operation automation function, adding VMware NSX™, network virtualization software from VMware, and VMware vRealize™ Automation™, IT service automation software, to the lineup of its unique VM Pool private cloud solution series. The sales price of the minimum configuration is approximately 20 million yen. CTC will offer the new private cloud solution mainly to companies that are considering integrating their internal systems, automating their IT services, and strengthening their network security, aiming for annual sales of 3 billion yen.

With system integration using private clouds increasing in recent years, there are emerging needs for a number of additional functions of private clouds in addition to performance and security, including the standardization of IT systems in accordance with operations, self-service through the portal site, the use of hybrid clouds, and automation to reduce administrators' workload.

The Next Generation VM Pool is a packaged solution that provides a proven private cloud environment, automated network configuration, advanced security, and self-service functions to be used by end users. The Next Generation VM Pool will automate network changes associated with movements of and increases (or decreases) in virtual servers and the provision of infrastructure services in the company and will streamline system administration work. Operational costs can be reduced up to a maximum of 60%.

CTC has been providing VM Pool, a packaged private cloud solution involving proven combination of virtualization software, servers, and storage that can be implemented in a short period, since 2007. In response to customer requests for the addition of virtual servers and configurations for providing services to reduce operational work, CTC has added VMware NSX&trade, network virtualization software from VMware, and VMware vRealize™ Automation™, IT service automation software.

CTC is pursuing Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Under the concept, CTC is developing IT infrastructure solutions where software manages system cooperation between clouds and data centers efficiently and automatically. To realize SDI, CTC will expand the functions of the Next Generation VM Pool, adding a Software-Defined Storage (SDS)*1 function and hybrid cloud cooperation.

VM Pool series

The VM Pool series is CTC's unique private cloud solution. CTC provides the series as a multivendor private cloud solution, making the most of its expertise based on technology verification from the earliest days of virtualization and field-proven implementation and optimally combining product lines that have been used by a number of domestic customers.

  • *1Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
    Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is a system where software unifies the management of a variety of storage units. Through the pooling of storage resources, SDS enables the user to use snapshots and data replication, among other functions, without depending on vendors.


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