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2015 New Year' s Message "Go Beyond"

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

I would like to offer greetings to everyone as we embark on a new year.

Last year, we worked to strengthen our service businesses, including cloud computing and security, and it served as a year in which the CTC Group took on a new edge both in terms of its latest technologies and its role as a company. At the same time, we have changed the way we work, typified by the encouragement of morning-focused working hours. In 2015, we will continue to invest in the future while taking on projects in new areas and fields in a bid to make it a year in which we go beyond existing frameworks.

I expect the current structure, with the United States pulling forward a stagnant global economy, to continue largely unchanged in 2015. Looking at the domestic IT industry, in addition to government-led projects, large-scale private sector projects are also on the increase. On the other hand, with new applications and concepts being devised in rapid succession and the flow towards cloud computing and open source, the cycle of change will accelerate on a global level, and the CTC Group will have to adopt an even broader and more visionary stance.

On the cloud computing front, we will pursue application-level virtualization technologies and high-level reliability that will stand up to usage in mission-critical systems, as well as establish a Cloud Innovation Center as a mechanism by which engineers will be able flourish beyond the bounds of infrastructure, applications and business. In the fast-growing IoT (Internet of Things) field, we are in the process of preparing systems that will allow customers to respond to a world in which all manner of things are connected to the network and expand their businesses hand-in-hand with the CTC Group.

From a regional perspective, in addition to growing our overseas business operations including a revamp of the global system operation and monitoring service that was begun last year, we will strive to offer community-based IT to aid regional revitalization in Japan, which is headed towards a super-aging society faster than anywhere else.

In 2015, the CTC Group will intensify its desire to enrich people's lives through IT, and look slightly further into the future as it strives to create new businesses. The Innovation and R&D Division, devised last year with the aim of strengthening the planning structure for new businesses, will serve as a vital cog as we support free and autonomous ideas on the part of employees and pursue endeavors that go beyond existing frameworks.


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