KCC (Kobe Computer Center)

Kobe Computer Center

Kobe Computer Center

The backup center in the West, as well.
Measures for wide-area disasters with superior disaster recovery functions. Supporting business security of our customers


KCC serves as the backup center of West Japan by mainly outsourcing computer tasks, operating computer system, providing disaster recovery and managing internet servers. The Center is backed by solid results during the Hanshin Great Earthquake in 1995 without any damages to the building or facilities. We are also proud that the Center is highly appraised by foreign enterprises that prefer to choose us as their disaster recovery backup center.

1. Highest Level of Security, Reliability and Efficiency

Our expertise protects the facilities from natural disasters, shuts out unauthorized entry from the outside and immediately responds to operational interruptions due to power shortages.
Promising 24 hour, year round highly reliable system operation services.
The backup system with Yokohama Computer Center further reinforces work security, reliability and efficiency.

2. Reliable Disaster Recovery Performance

Delivering highest quality functions as the disaster recovery backup center of choice. Also meeting localized and wide-area disaster recovery.

3. User-Friendly with Other Networks Around the Country

Networking access points in major cities around the country, so customers can easily create an exclusive nationwide network system.

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