YCC (Yokohama Computer Center)

Yokohama Computer Center

Yokohama Computer Center

Japan's highest standard and large scale Center providing pinpoint solutions in Computer Management.
Outsourcing Expertise to Strategically Support Diverse Customer Needs.


YCC started outsourcing as one of the early birds in Japan and obtained an A-Class Security Standard for Computer Systems from the former MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) as the first Computer Center in Japan. In 1999, The Center acquired ISO14001 (International Organization for Standardization for International Standards in Environmental management System). By March 2002, YCC acquired certification of the ISMS (Information Security Management System) for the Center to development into an organization that harmonizes people, technology and the environment.

The Center is backed by extensive results in operating safe and reliable systems in over 150 companies that range in the distribution, telecommunications, banking and other industries. This is backed by YCC's total services in client servers, web servers and general purpose computers, as well as housing to system integration services. It will remain to be the goal of the Center in providing solid backup center services in hope to flexibly meet customer needs.

1. Highest Level of Security, Reliability and Efficiency

Promising 24 hour, year round and non-stop operations, without any interruption or power failure.
The backup system with Kobe Computer Center further reinforces work security, reliability and efficiency.

2. Advanced System Management

Providing timely and advanced system management technology that is the basis of our management system with specialists for the customer.

3. Reliable Disaster Recovery Performance

Delivering pinpoint disaster recovery and resolving wide-range disasters in collaboration with the Kobe Computer Center as the information backup center.

4. Extensive Activities from System Consultation to System Configuration, Development and Management

Meeting total demands from consultation, development, configuration to management backed by our multi-vendor support system that isn't fixed to any one particular manufacturer.

5. User-Friendly with Other Networks

Networking access points in major cities around the country to easily create an exclusive nationwide network system.

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