Integrated Operation and Monitoring Service

CTC monitors customers' system operational status. When our monitoring system detects status errors or other errors in custmers' system, we conduct operations based on customer's operating procedure. Scheduled Operation is also available.


Operation Service offers clear and speedy operations based on daily committed operation, alerts from Monitoring Service, or operational requests instead of customers. Monitoring Service uses an agent less monitoring method which requires no installation of agents in customers' systems. Because this is agent less, there is no need to worry about load on customers' servers or affects on the systems. In addition, Monitoring Service can work in close coordination with Operation Service so that 24/7 system operation by operators can be triggered by an alert e-mail form system monitoring.


Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service offers a 24/7 system monitoring from our operation center.
*Hardware and software need to be installed in CTC data centers by customers.

Intermit Operation Service

When our monitoring system detects customer's system error, CTC operators respond those troubles under customer's operating procedure. In this service, when some operations which do not occur in operating procedures happen, our operators will conduct operations with following directions from customer's call. Also we can call maintenance service instead of customers.

Scheduled Operation Service

CTC will carry out fixed term operation such as changing tapes or rebooting servers in accordance with work details, monthly work hour schedules, and procedures agreed on in advance between CTC and customers.

Monthly Report Service

Customer receives Monthly Report based on contracting services once a month.

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