Solutions by Industry


CTC develops highly complex, mission-critical systems, including large-scale networks and databases, high-volume transaction systems and load-balanced processing for telecommunications carriers. In recent years, we have focused efforts on large-scale infrastructure construction projects in new business domains using large-scale infrastructure SI capabilities developed in the telecommunications business. Also, we are aggressively promoting cloud service businesses, such as email ASP, telematics services and mobile device management and other services.


CTC develops business systems for megabanks, credit card and securities companies, and the insurance industry. We propose and develop systems that integrate its highly specialized expertise with advanced IT technology for financial institutions that demand a high level of reliability and security.

Amid intensifying global competition among financial institutions, each institution strives to maintain management stability and enhance customer services.


CTC provides total solutions from development to implementation, support, maintenance and operation of backbone systems, the foundation of management, mainly to customers in general trading, convenience stores, food product companies and wholesalers. In the past few years, as cloud computing services have continued to expand in the distribution industry, we have began offering electronic invoice system, which realizes invoice management cost reductions, and cloud computing service, which shortens time required for construction and reduces total cost of ownership in portal sites freely arranged with abundant features.


CTC boasts long-nurtured expertise in the fields of automobiles, precision machinery, electronics and semiconductors, textiles and apparel. In a manufacturing industry that is constantly changing, we offer the optimal advanced solutions to meet the diverse management challenges that confront our clients.

Education and Public Sector

CTC has a proven track record in information infrastructure and systems construction for universities, national government offices and local governments. In particular, to construct call centers and thin client environments, we have an extensive array of cutting-edge tools to propose systems that meet customer needs. We also focus on information exchange designed to improve and effectively harness information systems for research and education, as well as on support for the revitalization of regional IT industries.

Science & Engineering

CTC provides advanced, specialized, high-value-added services and solutions based on science computational technologies to public- and private-sector research institutions and large manufacturers. To the construction industry, we provide solutions for soil and rock analysis, seismic analysis and bridge structure analysis. To the energy sector, we offer consulting, systems development and operation services, for cooperation and co-management and demand forecasts between existing energy sources, as well as for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

Furthermore, for the past several years, we have been proactively developing business in the smart community sector, which aims for low-carbon and energy-efficient communities.

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