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CTC began its initiatives in virtualization technologies in 2007. We have offered private cloud package solutions and public services for IT infrastructure since. For the public cloud, we have an extensive lineup of services, including those for business continuity plans and energy use to support customers. With an edge in offering services that best respond to customers' needs for both the private and public clouds, we lead the Japanese cloud market.

Big Data

Big data is in the news. "Big data" refers to a concept in which massive data are analyzed to predict human behaviors and natural phenomena, to facilitate the construction of social infrastructure and corporate management. Responding swiftly to this trend, CTC is tackling the big data business by defining it as an opportunity to deploy the latest data processing technologies and advanced analytical skills, enabling massive volumes of diverse digital data to be processed as materials and adding new value for customers.


The rapid growth of the Internet has led to the swift emergence of B2B, B2C and other communications and to the creation of new business models. But it has also brought a rise in unauthorized access to networks and systems, viruses, data tapping, falsification, destruction, denial of service attacks and other cybercrimes, as well as the loss or destruction of internal data following internal operation errors. CTC provides one-stop solutions for security management in customers' business environments.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse

With data volumes rising constantly through day-to-day business activities, it becomes increasingly vital to speed up the cycle from strategy formulation to implementation and analysis. To allow any employee to analyze the situation, identify problems and achieve objectives at any time, information infrastructure based on business intelligence (BI) is essential, which enables the analysis of accurate data from multiple perspectives and swift decision making. Providing services to choose the products that best match customers' needs and to construct and maintain their information infrastructure, CTC also offers BI and data warehouse systems that maximize the functions of customers' infrastructure.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / Contact Center

In line with business diversification, customer needs are becoming increasingly complicated, with corporate strength and high profitability in demand. In serving customers, it is necessary to encourage personalization, to swiftly meet needs for personalization in multiple channels including phone, fax, e-mail and websites and to run appropriate campaigns to increase customer loyalty. CRM cannot be effectively implemented as a corporate strategy without three processes: specifically those for interaction with customers, relationships, and the creation of customer value; in addition to personnel (or organizations) who complete the individual processes, information technologies and strategies. CTC harnesses the expertise and resources which developed through serving more than 400 companies at over 500 sites to help develop a strong corporate structure through advanced CRM strategies.

Web Solutions

With the growth of the Internet, the relationship between businesses and customers are changing. The greatest change is the shift of the initiative in product purchases to customers using the Internet. As a result, websites are now considered key means by which businesses can communicate directly with their customers.

CTC aims to provide solutions for managing unstructured information-related data and improving expression capabilities. We propose solutions for both protecting information assets and for effectively using them in a range of activities.


CTC builds internal workflows for purchasing and other applications and for approvals, as well as mechanisms for Internet-based electronic commerce between buyers and suppliers and electronic procurement (online procurement). Offering solutions to different issues in purchases and procurement from customers' perspectives, we facilitate the reform of purchasing and procurement.

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

SCM systems are designed to maximize profitability throughout the supply chain and to increase operating efficiency. Performance requires robust links with mission-critical systems handling orders, warehousing and shipping, production and sales management and accounting management. CTC capitalizes on its long experience to provide total support for SCM systems construction in the phases of planning, development and operation.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

CTC offers support for a broad array of ERP systems, from large to small, that are easy for medium-sized businesses to implement.


Introducing workflow solutions means resolving many different problems, in areas such as staff education and operations. CTC helps construct easy-to-use workflow systems with data sharing and security features tailored to customers' organizational structures and operational processes.

Human Resources Management

CTC offers solutions for human resource visualization to help customers execute management strategies aimed at competing globally.

BPS (Business Process Service)

CTC offers an array of production, distribution and business process simulation tools that enable optimization of different processes through the simulation of chronological flows of goods and information. With an ample track record of introduction, we help to reduce costs in capital investment and operation.

PLM (Products Lifecycle Management)

CTC is undertaking extensive operational reform and improvements to serve as a superior partner, leveraging its knowledge in rapidly growing information technology and its extensive experience. Internal control, security and other circumstances surrounding design are changing. Not confined to servers, storage integration, thin clients, disaster recovery and CAD/CAM/CAE, we support the construction of all kinds of systems including infrastructure.

Embedded Solution

From its vendor-neutral standpoint, CTC offers a wide range of one-stop solutions, including model-driven development support in embedded software development, quality enhancement, promotion of development using existing systems and process improvement consulting.

Imaging Solution

CTC deals with a range of products chiefly for semiconductor, FPD, printing, food-related and other manufacturing industries. Our lineup includes the latest optoelectronic and image processing systems requisite to analysis and endpoint detection systems that are indispensable to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Advanced Technologies

CTC offers unique advanced technologies that help differentiate among customers' products in different forms such as components, verification tools and IP solutions.


CTC proposes the ideal forms of IT infrastructure based on virtualization technologies that logically integrate system infrastructure, irrespective of the physical structures of hardware.


CTC supports the construction of data integration and management systems centering on storage integration to facilitate business operations.


CTC reinforces customer IT infrastructure with the use of various middleware.


CTC combines leading-edge network products from multiple vendors, making them available to customers and constructing an optimal complete network environment.


CTC selects the database systems best suited to customers' purposes and then designs, builds, operates and maintains them.

Web Infrastructure / SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

CTC is able to provide many different web infrastructure and SOA products to answer customer needs. We do not only offer products but also support the construction and operation of customers' systems with our ample track record and systems integration capabilities.

Open Source System Infrastructure

CTC offers all-inclusive services that encompass pre-implementation verification, operation and maintenance of multi-platform environments involving Unix, Windows, Linux and other platforms, as well as multi-vendor environments involving HP, Sun Stratus, Egenera and other vendors. We make effective use of CTC Technical Solution Center (TSC), one of Japan's foremost verification centers performing multi-faceted verification.


With a constantly increasing pace of business and changes in workstyles, the requirements for office frameworks are changing. CTC will work to achieve two features requisite to future offices, namely security and convenience, at high levels and to enhance activity and knowledge sharing in an attempt to help improve the comprehensive strengths of corporate customers.

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