Solutions by IT life cycle


CTC is a total solutions provider with the overall capabilities to support the IT life cycle. We offer solutions for consultation, system integration and outsourcing. Consultation is designed to support the creation, planning and design of business strategies, whereas system integration involves the development of mission-critical systems and infrastructure construction. Outsourcing covers maintenance services and data center operations. We thus provide strong support for corporate innovation. Our extensive track record in consulting and our technical strengths and resources are integrated to bridge the divide between corporate strategies and IT implementation and to help companies innovate.

Development & Construction

CTC has established standards for development and infrastructure construction processes, which incorporate the expertise in systems integration it has developed over many years. The standardized processes are tailored according to project peculiarities to enable the construction of processes tailored to different projects. We also provide tools for streamlining and automation and other actions for increasing operational efficiency.
Oracle Authorized Solution Center

Supporting Construction

CTC engineers are so familiar with device specifications that they offer services to construct high potential network facilities in view of the future. Our services encompass consulting on IT infrastructure construction, the design and construction of facility equipment and installation of application software.

Data Center

CTC believes it is only natural for data center service to be reliable and secure.
Data centers of the future must flexibly connect different information and different people to breathe life into IT businesses
CTC Data centers will support your business by delivering advanced technologies and reliable services to support your business through strong partnerships with IT vendors inside and outside Japan.
CTC Data Center

IT Support

CTC provides various IT services 24/7 from its service centers in approximately 100 locations in Japan. We also offer onsite maintenance / operation, remote monitoring and help desk-related services.

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