Oracle Authorized Solution Center

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Oracle Authorized Solution Center (OASC)


OASC is a solution center for Oracle products operated by the partner companies of Oracle Corporation. The solution environment for Oracle products in the CTC Technical Solution Center(TSC) is certified by Oracle Corporation as OASC.

Oracle Authorized Solution Center (OASC)

Benefits of OASC

Products can be tested in Actual Working Environments before purchasing

  • Functional verification, Performance verification, PoC
  • A state-of-the-art environment of hardware and software

Technical Support

  • Support for Environment Construction
  • Technical support by our experienced engineers for Oracle products
  • Expert engineers of Oracle Corporation provide back-up support

Multi-vendor Environment

  • Multi-vendor environment focusing on Oracle products can be deployed

Solutions Demo

We offer a solutions demo for Oracle products.
The demos for SPARC Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions, Simple Database Solutions, and Engineered Systems, etc. are available.

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