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History and Corporate Profile

Question When was the company founded?

Answer The company was initially founded in as ITOH Data Systems Co., Ltd. The company name was changed to ITOCHU Techno-Science Corporation in .
On , ITOCHU Techno-Science Corporation merged with CRC Solutions Corporation, and made a fresh start under the name of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation.

Question What do the letters CTC stand for, and what is their meaning?

Answer The initials CTC stand for "Challenging Tomorrow's Changes."
This phrase is also the slogan of the CTC Group Philosophy, expressing the Group's mission an and will to take up the challenge of pursuing the potential of IT to change the future, and contribute to the creation of a rich and dream-filled society.

Question How much is CTC's paid-in capital?

Answer As of its most recently posted business results, CTC's paid-in capital is 21,763 million yen.

Question How many employees does CTC have?

Answer As of , the CTC Group overall has 9,333 employees.

Stocks and Shares

Question When did CTC become listed on the stock market?

Answer CTC was listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in .

Question What is CTC's securities code?

Answer It is listed under the Information & Communication business sector.

Question Does CTC have an interim dividend scheme?

Answer Yes, it does.

Question In what units can CTC shares be purchased?

Answer Shares can be purchased in batches of 100 (referred to as units).

Financial Results and Finance-Related

Question I would like to see CTC's latest financial results…

Answer Please see our consolidated financial reports, supplementary materials and presentations from our IR meetings.

Question I would like to see a securities report…

Answer Consolidated finacial statements are here.
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