Efforts Towards Revolutionizing the Way We Work

Encouraging a Morning-Focused Working System

As an initiative to encourage a change of attitude towards the way we work, in -after introducing it on a trial basis-we began the full-scale introduction of a policy encouraging a morning-focused work. This morning-focused work system limits out-of-hours work (i.e. overtime) late at night or on holidays, and encourages employees to start work early the next morning where necessary. In this way, we aim to encourage lifestyles that are healthier and more fulfilling (both physically and mentally) for our employees, to increase concentration and efficiency with regard to work duties, and to further improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Flexible Working Styles

The CTC Group introduced a working style one step beyond an early-bird working mode that enables employees to work efficiently and effectively with a sense of job satisfaction and their choice of working hours. The hourly paid leave allows employees to take paid leaves in units of one hour for three of their annual paid holidays (on a 24-hour basis), while the slide work system allows employees to advance or delay their starting time within the range of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
The CTC Group also adopted work systems with greater flexibility, such as working at home and mobile work, in which working in a prescribed office is regarded as the basic mode, but working outside the office is permitted in cases where jobs involve going out.
Moreover, the CTC Group has introduced the clocking-off time visualization card to facilitate communications essential to self-reliance and cooperation from the side of the working environment and to make new systems for changing working styles easier to use.

Providing Health Management Solutions

As one aspect of our workstyle reforms we are engaged in health management, which approaches the management of employees’ health from a business management perspective. Our human resources department is developing and providing various solutions to achieve a combination of health management with workstyle reform utilizing CTC initiatives.We are also engaged in various other efforts, including the provision of solutions for document management in the age of workstyle reform. Other initiatives include linking experience accumulated within the company to our main business operations to the maximum possible extent, and subsidizing the cost of purchasing the Fitbit wearable activity meter for sale internally to employees ahead of its official launch.

Encouraging Employees to Take Paid Holidays

By establishing set periods during the summer and winter in which we encourage employees to take consecutive paid holidays, and by encouraging employees to take their yearly paid holidays in a planned manner throughout the year, we aim to create a positive cycle in which employees can refresh their bodies and minds and link this to doing better, more productive work. We also encourage employees to take two or more paid holidays per year by setting days that the employee and/or their family, etc., should celebrate-such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries-as celebratory holidays.

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