Efforts Towards Promoting Active Roles for Female Employees

Outline of Our Initiatives for Promoting Women's Empowerment

The CTC Group introduced the mentor system in fiscal 2007. Since fiscal 2016, the CTC Group has been continuing its activities to support primarily young female employees through the mentor system. The Group is offering career-design training to mid-grade employees to help them think about their careers and work, while organizing programs, such as get-togethers with workers at companies in different lines of business, to bring the employees in touch with role models and give them renewed awareness about their personal potential. The CTC Group has set up a website for introducing its activities related to diversity and for sharing the details of those activities and raising the awareness of Group employees.
For all administrative position holders, the CTC Group makes a range of training programs available, including training on communication with diverse employees, working styles and evaluation. The CTC Group has also sought to develop a corporate climate that values the promotion of working style reforms, human rights, personalities, individuality and diversity stated in the CTC Group Philosophy and Action Guidelines as a value used for rating administrative position holders. At the CTC Group, diversity-related initiatives, including those for promoting women's empowerment, are periodically reported to the Board of Directors for discussion. The results of Board discussions are reflected in subsequent measures.

Promotion System, Main Initiatives and Plans

The diversity and career section that promotes women's empowerment in the human resources division and human resource personnel within the individual organizations cooperate in the promotion of these initiatives.

Main Initiatives and Plans


CTC works proactively to hold female manager-led recruitment seminars and promote its work environment where employees can play an active part regardless of gender on its own recruitment website and other job search websites.

Career support for women
  • CTC has expanded the scope of the mentor system to include all female employees in their second, forth, and sixth years as mentees. Around fifty mentor/mentee pairs collaborated in . Since , CTC has been enhancing mentoring and will continue to implement this initiative in .
  • CTC set up "Chorus," a corporate intranet website with the goals of raising awareness and encouraging active communication in .
    CTC is working on raising awareness by regularly distributing information on current conditions and on future initiatives, and also publishes features on female managers and dialogs between the President and external experts.
  • Targeting female sales representatives and mid-level employees, CTC offers joint career development support seminars and networking events with companies in different lines of business.
Working style

CTC has been implementing initiatives to grow employees' awareness of their working styles since . In , CTC improved its system for working from home and developed time-based paid leave and staggered working hours. In addition, CTC has been developing and enhancing systems to support childcare and nursing care in order to assist employees and enable them to continue to work. CTC will continue to implement initiatives for achieving flexible working styles.

Balance between work and childcare/nursing care
  • CTC continues to offer seminars for employees before/during/after childcare leave and also for their managers.
  • CTC continues to offer seminars on balancing work with nursing care targeting all employees.
Evaluation and promotion
  • CTC first offered career training to female mid-level employees in . Since , CTC has extended this training to all mid-level employees regardless of gender.
  • Each organization creates plans for women's empowerment initiatives.
For managers

CTC began providing training programs on women's empowerment and working style for all managers in . As an initiative towards revitalizing workplace communication and enhancing management abilities, CTC adopted multifaceted evaluations in . CTC will continue to implement these initiatives.

Achievement target

Female employee recruitment ratio
Goal FY2019
35% or more of new recruits in fiscal 2019 should be recent female graduates (annual target) 38%
Female employee ratio
Goal FY2019
At least 20% of female employees by 17%
Goal FY2019
90 female employees in leadership positions by 69
Goal FY2019
Ensure that one or more of the directors is female in 2

Enabling a Balance Between Work and Childcare /
Caregiving Responsibilities

Since we have held "Returning to Work After Childcare Leave" seminars for the purpose of providing information on methods for dealing with issues often faced by employees returning to work after childcare leave, and opportunities for interaction with other employees in similar situations. We are also working to create a better environment for returnees by holding seminars for managers with subordinates who are returning to work after childcare leave. For employees balancing their work with caregiving responsibilities, in addition to establishing caregiving-related schemes, we also hold seminars on how to balance work with caregiving; and are investing efforts into other awareness raising activities and the creation of a better corporate culture. We also hold annual office tours for family members during the summer holiday period, as part of our efforts to deepen understanding with regard to our company, work and IT in general by having employee's families see them at work in the workplace.

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