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CTC Expands Optional Services as Part of cloudage ElasticCUVIC Cloud Service

Six optional services to be launched: DR, Job Management, Mobile Access, Data Erasure, Virtual Firewall and File Forwarding

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

Starting today, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter "CTC") has launched five optional services as part of its cloudage ElasticCUVIC cloud service for IT infrastructure environments, namely Disaster Recovery (DR), Job Management Environment, Mobile Access, Data Erasure Reports and Virtual Firewall. In addition, a file transferring software license will be launched as an optional service from November this year.

For a monthly fee, cloudage ElasticCUVIC offers everything from IT infrastructure building to operation and maintenance as a service. By standardizing various services, CTC has developed a simplified service lineup, and as well as a main menu of services selectable based on four levels of IT infrastructure and operation, additional options such as the provision of middleware licenses and testing environments are also available.
Having considered a variety of software and functions used in on-premises infrastructure environments, this time CTC is launching six new optional services to satisfy customer requirements. Details of each optional service are provided below.

New Options of cloudage ElasticCUVIC

1. Disaster Recovery (DR) Level 1

  • A remote data storage environment achieved using CTC's data center network
  • BBuilt based on customers' cloudage ElasticCUVIC environments without the need for sizing

2. Job Management Environment

  • Provides license for Hitachi's JP1 job management software, widely used by companies in Japan
  • Offered in conjunction with software maintenance and support services, management server, and operational monitoring and fault response

3. Mobile Access

  • Achieves a closed network between mobile devices and cloudage ElasticCUVIC in combination with CTC Business Mobile, CTC's proprietary mobile data communication service for businesses

4. Data Erasure Reports

  • Uses the Blancco LUN Eraser data erasure software from Finnish company Blancco to erase customer data following contract cancellation and issue certificates.

5. Virtual Firewall

  • Provides the FortiGate virtual appliance-type firewall from Fortinet
  • Also includes operational monitoring, fault response, policy changes and QA support service

6. File Transferring Software License

  • A license for Saison Information Systems' HULFT file transferring software, which is used by various companies particularly in the finance and manufacturing industries, is provided for a monthly fee (available starting November)
  • The software enables data linkage between environments running on cloudage ElasticCUVIC and the open servers and mainframes maintained by a business

CTC will continue to expand its lineup of optional services, including a "DR Level 2" option achieving DR measures for servers, offering cloudage ElasticCUVIC as a cloud service that provides functionality on par with on-premises IT infrastructure environments.


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