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CTC Data Center's advantage

Strategy < CTC > x Technology < Partner > x Future < Customer > = Achieve a top level of customer satisfaction

CTC believes it is only natural for data center service to be reliable and secure.
Data centers of the future must flexibly connect different information and different people to breathe life into IT businesses CTC Data centers will support your business by delivering advanced technologies and reliable services to support your business through strong partnerships with IT vendors inside and outside Japan.

Strong partnerships with IT vendors inside and outside Japan

Through global partnerships with more than 200 IT companies in 9 countries including the United States, Europe and Asia, we have acquired abundant knowledge, technology and maintenance know-how on a wide range of products spanning from hardware and middleware to applications.

By utilizing our global network, we are able to sensitively catch the latest IT trends and develop the ability to select and utilize optimal technologies and products along with the know-how for rapidly providing suitable support.

By combining the strengths of vendor partners with CTC's industry knowledge and system integration expertise, we are able to offer high added value systems utilizing the latest technologies and products in a short turnaround time.

We provide one-stop total outsourcing services

Our one-stop outsourcing services provide comprehensive support for all aspects of the IT life cycle including robust facilities along with consulting, equipment procurement, system integration, system operation, Internet services and system maintenance based on the latest technologies.

CTC provides rich service backed by our abundant system operation experience in multivendor environments

CTC has a solid track record in system operation in multivendor environments from mainframe to client-server environments.

CTC has many data center operation solutions befitting of a system integrator, such as SAP R/3 operation and performance improvement, and core system hosting services.

Our system engineers will provide meticulous support for your busines

We assign 2 system engineers to each customer, and they will support your system and respond to your requests from the day service begins.

In addition to acting as the contact point for managing the status of service operation, they understand customer's businesses and needs and operations, and provide the best solutions for resolving the issues faced in your business at the time.

Secure and Reliable Data Center

Our data center locations and facilities ensure excellent durability in the event of a disaster and clear a high standard of reliability requirements.
Data centers are also operated in line with our strict security policy.

We have taken steps to provide redundancy for all lifelines such as water, electricity, air conditioning and telecommunications equipment.

Environmentally Friendly Green Data Center

In 1999, our data center acquired ISO14001 (International Organization for Standardization for International Standards in Environmental Management Systems).
We had installed a NAS battery system in the Yokohama computer center which was the first time the technology was used in a data center.
The center is operated to ensure harmony between people, technology and the environment.

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