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Who We Are

At a Glance

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) is a comprehensive IT services company that partners with its customers.

6,700 ENGINEERS - Engineers constitute about 72% of the 9,300 CTC Group employees worldwide
280 vendors - Partnerships with more than 300 vendors enable CTC to offer the best-of-breed technologies
24*365 Support - Providing maintenance support all over Japan

                        SALES (Year ended March 31, 2021) $4.4B *1USD=110JPY
                        Telecommunications, Broadcasting 32.5%
                        Information Services 16.9%
                        Finance, Insurance 15.8%
                        Manufacturing, etc 13.1%
                        Commerce, Transportation 6.8%
                        Electronics 4.6%
                        Public 3.7%
                        Other 6.6%

CTC’s Core Business

  • DX
    To Supports digital transformation with advanced IT such as data analysis and edge computing
  • Cloud
    Based on technical capability developed over many years of building systems, CTC provides multi-cloud services and the CUVICmc2 cloud service specialized in backbone systems.
  • 5G
    CTC has honed its technical strength by building large-scale networks that build social infrastructure. Supporting 5G networks with SDN/NFV.
  • AI
    Provides AI-related IT infrastructure, AI solutions to develop human resources, and system verification services in multi-vendor environments.
  • IoT
    A platform for real-time data collection from sensors attached to equipment and devices, as well as storage, management, and analysis of the data.
  • Infrastructure Service
    By combining and verifying the latest technologies and a wide variety of products, CTC provides the optimum IT environment corresponding to customer needs.