Message from CEO

IT for the PEOPLE

Ichiro Tsuge [President and Chief Executive Officer]

Ichiro Tsuge
President & CEO

Society today is facing many issues, including the climate change, widening social disparities, and in Japan a declining birthrate and aging population. IT, which helps solve social issues, is evolving rapidly, and new challenges, including the need to bridge the digital divide, have begun to emerge.

Based on our mission, "Leveraging IT’s potential to change future for the Global Good," this year CTC has defined new materialities (material issues) to enable its continued growth as a corporation that fulfills its responsibilities to society. CTC aims to help establish a sustainable society through its business by addressing three major issues: solving social issues through IT, cultivating human capital to support the future, and implementing responsible corporate activities.

We have developed a Medium-Term Management Plan, Beyond the Horizons: To the Future Ahead, for the three years from FY2021 to FY2023 based on the Group Philosophy and the new materialities. CTC will seek to achieve continued growth under the three basic policies described with the keywords Accelerate, Expand, and Upgrade. Accelerate is based mainly on supporting DX and the expansion of the co-creation business. Expand is aimed at the expansion of the 5G and cloud businesses, and Upgrade reflects CTC's intent to develop human resources and reinforce its management base.

We established a new office and consolidated the offices of the CTC Group in the Tokyo area in June this year to strengthen the cooperation of Group companies, respond to new ways of working, and transform our offices in response to the arrival of the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have started working on this new note. We wish to emphasize again our culture, which encourages people to take on challenges, as indicated in our slogan, "Challenging Tomorrow's Changes." We will continue to strive to create a society where many people are able to benefit from the digital technology and waza (unique skillset) that we make available to people.

November 19, 2021

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