Message from CEO

Challenging Tomorrow's Changes

Ichiro Tsuge [President and Chief Executive Officer]

Ichiro Tsuge
President & CEO

In 2020, CTC entered the final year of its Medium-Term Management Plan dubbed "Opening New Horizons" and sought to achieve group-wide growth in the four horizons of "business reforms," "strong point enhancement," "development of new fields" and "business foundation buildups."

Early last year, we entered an extremely difficult phase globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We witnessed the rapid increase of the utilization of teleworking and working from home, which was focused on avoiding closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings and enabling people to work anywhere. However, the future remains uncertain, and we continue to pursue better workstyles combining online and face-to-face settings.

In 2021, we will first work to achieve the current Medium-Term Management Plan. And we will try to achieve continued sustainable growth under the new Medium-Term Management Plan.

This year, our initiatives will center on DC5, or digital transformation (DX), cloud technology, and 5G. Progress will definitely be achieved in DX, where data is effectively utilized in many domains to increase competitiveness. The use of cloud technology has also grown increasingly diverse, with intersystem coordination including hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions becoming more important. Further, intelligent edge computing combining 5G, IoT, and AI technologies and supporting operations at many work sites by improving efficiency is entering the phase of practical use. With these technologies in mind, we need to continue to improve our creativity and ability to propose solutions.

At CTC, we have a corporate culture of taking on challenges, as indicated by our slogan, “Challenging Tomorrow's Changes.” I believe that by continuing to take on challenges to fulfill our corporate responsibilities based on our fundamental corporate mission, “Leveraging IT’s potential to change future for the Global Good” that we can achieve the development of our businesses.

I would like to conclude this message by expressing my hope that the COVID-19 pandemic, which remains ferocious, will end as quickly as possible.

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