Social Media and Owned Media Policy

In order to better inform everyone about our activities, the CTC Group uses social and owned media to communicate in compliance with laws and internal regulations, attempting to enable proper communication with all stakeholders.


  1. Social media refer to services for sharing and sending information over the internet, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social network services and bulletin board systems.
  2. Owned media refer to websites such as the corporate site managed by the CTC Group to shares information.
  3. Users refer to individual and group accounts taking part in social media.

Guidelines for sharing information through social and owned media

Executives and employees of the CTC Group are to abide by thealways working to share information with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility, as follows. "CTC Group Philosophy" and the "CTC Group Code of Conduct,"

  1. Always endeavor to share correct information based on primary sources and be careful so that it does not include falsehoods or misleading expressions.
  2. Promptly revise the shared information in the unlikely event that it contains falsehoods or misleading expressions.
  3. Respect and try not to violate third-party copyrights and other intellectual property rights, privacy-related rights, and other reputation-related rights.


  1. The shared contents of social media and owned media managed by the CTC Group do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the CTC Group. Official announcements and opinions of the CTC Group are communicated via the CTC corporate website (
  2. The opinions and views expressed on social media by executives and employees as private individuals are all the personal views of those executives and employees and are not official opinions or notifications of the CTC Group.
  3. With regard to executives and employees sharing information as private individuals, not all statements and actions can be regulated since it is not possible to excessively restrict freedom of speech.
  4. The CTC Group is not responsible in any way for contents posted by users.
  5. Please note that we will not respond to each individual post submitted by users.
  6. The CTC Group is not responsible in any way for damages arising from trouble between users or between users and third parties.
  7. Social media accounts and owned media set up by the various organizations within the CTC Group may be concluded or deleted without prior notification.

List of official social media accounts and owned media of the CTC Group

Group company corporate websites