Solutions and Services

CTC provides optimal IT solutions and services with the latest technologies.

  • Icon: DX


    Supporting companies’ digital transformation through data analysis, edge computing and other advanced IT.

  • Icon: Cloud


    Based on technical capability developed over many years of building systems, CTC provides multi-cloud services and the CUVICmc2 cloud service specialized in backbone systems.

  • Icon: 5G


    Technological capabilities developed through building large scale networks that support social infrastructure. Supporting 5G networks with SDN/NFV.

  • Icon: AI


    Provides AI-related IT infrastructure, AI solutions to develop human resources,and system verification services in multi-vendor environments.

  • Icon: IoT


    A platform for real-time data collection from sensors attached to equipment and devices, as well as storage, management, and analysis of the data.

  • Icon: Sysytem Operation and Outsourcing

    Sysytem Operation and Outsourcing

    The Remote Operation Center (ROC) monitors customer IT systems remotely and reduces operational tasks through automated technologies.

  • Icon: System Verification

    System Verification

    The largest of its kind in Japan, the CTC multi-vendor Technical Solution Centerevaluates and verifies systems in the actual environment.

  • Icon: Network


    CTC has honed its technical strength by building large-scale networks that build social infrastructure. Supporting 5G networks with SDN/NFV.

  • Icon: Infrastructure Construction

    Infrastructure Construction

    By combining and verifying the latest technologies and a wide variety of products, CTC provides the optimum IT environment corresponding to customer needs.

  • Icon: Application Development

    Application Development

    CTC practices agile development to shorten development time and also provides the OutSystems low-code development platform in the ASEAN region.

  • Icon: Data Center

    Data Center

    With a 30-year performance record and equipped with multi-carrier and multi-cloud connections, this is the platform for the age of digital transformation (DX).

  • Icon: Security


    In addition to providing the latest security systems, the Security Operations Center (SOC) remotely monitors the status of security equipment.

  • Icon: Maintenance Support Services

    Maintenance Support Services

    CTC dispatches system maintenance engineers to all parts of the country and deploys multi-vendor support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Icon: Science and Engineering Solutions

    Science and Engineering Solutions

    Uses analytical and simulation technologies to resolve a range of issues including energy and environment, manufacturing, CAE, and social infrastructure.

  • Icon: Open Innovation

    Open Innovation

    Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) aims to create business promptly through innovation while the DEJIMA exclusive space is where we create ideas together with customers.

  • Icon: Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    The E-PLSM IoT cloud service manages the use of renewable energy. CTC is developing technologies for estimating the output of wind and solar energy.

  • Icon: RPA


    Provides total support from selection of tasks and trial calculation of effect to RPA implementation, operation andintegration with existing systems.

  • Icon: Life Science

    Life Science

    Cutting-edge IT, based on deep understanding and experience of pharmaceutical and life sciences. Provides AI-powered data analysis solution

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