Fellow and Principal

Introducing our "Fellow" and "Principal" who rank at the top amongst all CTC engineers, pursuing the highest degree of expertise and have a wealth of experience.

Senior Fellow

Hidetoshi Satomi

Hidetoshi Satomi

With great experience in system design development and construction for the telecommunication industry, Satomi has the high degree of skills designing the large-scale infrastructure and active in system design development and large-scale server construction for the mobile internet services.


Shun Ando

Shun Ando

After participating the launch of network business, Ando gained experiences designing and development in enterprise network, internet, telecommunication and mobile communication network. In recent years, he is active in new business development leveraging his expertise.


  • Hideo Kenmochi

    Hideo Kenmochi

    Professional Engineer (Information Engineering)
    Based on Kenmochi's software engineering knowledge, he is expert in quality assurance and project management of software development. He has multiple project management experiences in large-scale projects.

  • Shinji Shiba

    Shinji Shiba

    Shiba's knowledge on semiconductor, hardware, OS, telecommunication, and internet services as base, he is active in ICT platform design, system integration, and program project management field as an ICT generalist.

  • Hidekazu Mizoi

  • Natsumi Tokuyama

  • Shinji Yabuki

  • Hiroshi Nakamura

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