Message from CEO

Contributing to the realization of a rich, dream-filled future

Ichiro Tsuge President & CEO

Ichiro Tsuge
President & CEO

The CTC Group defines its mission as "Leveraging IT's potential to change future for the Global Good."

Society faces a host of challenges, not least the eradication of poverty, respect for human rights, gender equality and climate action, and the CTC Group aims to help realize a "sustainable society" through its core IT business.

In , based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the four areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption and taking the sustainable development goals (SDGs) into consideration, the CTC Group identified material topics to focus on, organized into three categories.

First, we will work to "provide trusted IT services" by ensuring information security, improving service quality with emphasis on customer satisfaction, and ensuring compliance.

Second, we will seek to "cultivate personnel who can change society for the better" by implementing measures to promote diversity, so that every employee regardless of gender, age, nationality, and the presence or absence of disabilities, can demonstrate their ability, as well as by strengthening measures to change workstyles aimed at encouraging diverse ways of working.

Third, we will "harness IT to build a sustainable society" by helping reduce our environmental footprint through support for the use of renewable energy and reduction of the large amounts of electricity consumed by computers.

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