Corporate Philosophy

CTC Group Philosophy

In we refined our CTC group philosophy, aiming to reflect our current dedication and commitment to future challenges in Challenging Tomorrow's Challenges; the root of our corporate brand. Our group philosophy consists of four elements: "Slogan," "Mission," "Values" and "Action Guidelines."

"Slogan" is the origin of our corporate brand, and a statement of our commitment to society to fulfill our mission.
"Mission" is the ultimate goal of the CTC group's corporate activities, and how we contribute to society through our core business.
"Values" are the essential keywords each of us keep in mind and reflect upon in order to fulfill our mission.
"Action Guidelines" are the guidelines that each of us use as a reference and our basis for making decisions and taking actions.

In this rapidly changing era, at CTC group we are committed to bring out our core uniqueness to leverage the potential of IT to change the future, and contribute to the creation of a rich and dream-filled society.


Challenging Tomorrow’s Changes


Leveraging IT's potential to change future for the Global Good.

Values Action Guidelines
Challenge the Change Are you determined?
Are you constantly trying new things without ever giving up?
Challenge the Value Are you creative?
Do you create value that exceeds customers' expectations?
Challenge the Future Are you free thinking?
Do you strive to map out a brighter future?

About the CTC Logo

CTC Challenging Tomorrow's Changes

The corporate logo embodies our strong ambition to swiftly anticipate shifts in society to immediately respond to--or even induce--market changes. The phrase of "Challenging Tomorrow's Changes" underneath the logo concisely represents this ambition.

The three characters of CTC, which is the abbreviation of the company name, are displayed in a thick and horizontally elongated form with gradations to represent the dynamism and credibility of the company, enabling it to respond swiftly to changes in the times.

The triangle on the left of the phrase of "Challenging Tomorrow's Changes" is called the Triangle Point. It is meant to highlight our ambition and adds energy to the overall logo. It symbolizes that the integration is a positive move oriented to the future.

The corporate color of CTC Blue expresses the intellect from which synergy is produced. The red color used for the Triangle Point represents the passion and energy of vigorous human resources. The contrast between this red and the CTC Blue shows up the whole logo.

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