Service Information

CTC Data Center meets every customer's outsourcing needs with one-stop total solution service.

Service Name Overview
Co-location / Housing Service We provide the optimum space and environment to set up servers and network equipment.
Customers can choose from two types of service: Our Co-location Service using standard 19-inch racks and our Housing Service enabling the use of racks other than those specified by CTC and partitions using cages.
Integrated Operation and Monitoring Service CTC will provide various monitoring services depending on a customer's system type.
Internet Connection Service We provide an internet connection directly connected to the CTC backbone to systems using our Co-location and Housing Services.
Inter-connection of Data Centers We provide lines inter-connecting data centers to customers using multiple CTC data centers (excluding the Kobe Data Center).
Domain Registration Service CTC registers and manages domains on behalf of customers.
DNS Outsourcing Service CTC operates DNS servers on behalf of customers.
Managed Service CTC retains devices necessary for customers as CTC properties to provide comprehensive services including taking security countermeasures, system configuration, maintenance and operation. With these services, customers are released from all troublesome tasks so that they can greatly reduce TCO.
Carrier Network Service (WAN) CTC offers data communication services tailored to best suit the needs of our customers. Also, we can resell other common carriers' services as a Telecommunications Services.
TechnoCUVIC Techno CUVIC is, IT is a virtual hosting service to provide infrastructure in the cloud. Your server and network storage throughout their IT network infrastructure available in the monthly billing.
DRC Service CTC provide excellent buildings, facilities and resources for disaster prevention measures with an eye to unforeseen natural and man-made disasters.
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