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Contributing to the realization of a rich, dream-filled future

Satoshi Kikuchi President & CEO

Satoshi Kikuchi
President & CEO

As employees working at a company, in our daily work, we have a tendency for our thoughts to focus around things like sales figures, and the pursuit of profits.

Of course, companies contribute to society by supporting employees and their families, by meeting the expectations of shareholders, customers and suppliers, and by generating profits and paying taxes; so the pursuit of sales and profits is also very important.

But it is by no means the case that the CTC Group exists solely for that purpose.

Companies are important because they shape society, together with individuals. And like individuals, who must observe rules, help each other and involve themselves deeply in society, companies too must fulfill their responsibilities under the law, and contribute to creating a better world.

Based on the above, in March 2016, we identified nine material topics (materiality) that the CTC Group should tackle in its CSR activities. One of them is to "promote diversity and change work styles."

In 2006, CTC developed a policy for promoting diversity. We have since been working to create a workplace environment in which each and every employee can perform his or her potential to the fullest, regardless of gender, age, nationality and disability.

We are promoting workstyle reforms to offer employees various systems, including the morning-focused working system and Mobile Work and Home Work systems, which facilitate ways of working that are free from the constraints of time and place.

In addition, we are upgrading and expanding systems for employees to continue to work when they need to provide childcare or family care, through initiatives for promoting the success of female employees and seniors, and for increasing employment opportunities for disabled persons.

I believe that combining the individuality of our workforce with different ways of working to create workplace environments that are geared to taking on new challenges is the key to harnessing our IT capabilities in the core of our business to "contributing to the realization of a rich, dream-filled future." I hope that you view this site to see how the CTC Group positions CSR and what specific initiatives are being undertaken.

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