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Supporting Data Linkage and Migration for Companies Using Informatica Products

May 02, 2014 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
Infomatica Japan

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter “CTC”) has signed a distributor agreement with Informatica Japan K.K. (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Hiroki Yoshida, President & CEO; hereinafter “Informatica”), an independent leading provider of data integration solutions, and today commences the sales of the software product line for companies to perform data integration management featuring “Informatica® PowerCenter®” (hereinafter “PowerCenter”)”, the ETL※1 tool which achieves data linkage and integration, “Informatica® Data Quality®” (hereinafter “Data Quality”)”, which performs data quality control, and “Informatica® Master Data Management®” (hereinafter “Informatica MDM”)”, which achieves integration management of master data. It also starts offering comprehensive data integration solutions that provide technical assistance, application development, and maintenance support associated with product introduction. The products will be provided mainly to distribution and finance companies which handle a large volume of customer information and sales data and have a strong need for data integration for information analysis, and also to manufacturing and telecommunications companies. CTC aims to achieve sales of 600 million yen over the next three years.

In recent years, against a background of the rapid increase of digital data, the low cost and high performance of IT equipment for storing and processing, the use of big data has begun in various companies. The data exists in multiple business systems, and the storage location, as well as the format and accuracy of the data used when saving, vary depending on the system. During data utilization, various data types and formats that are scattered throughout a company must first be organized and integrated into a usable form. Previously, the development of dedicated programs for analysis and conversion and data migration work were required for organizing and integrating data, and the time this takes may account for about half of the entire project.

Informatica has extensive project experience and products that solve problems in data integration. The key features of Informatica products are as follows:

Features of PowerCenter:

  1. Enables quick access to all kinds of data, including business applications, such as mainframes and ERP/CRM, various databases and cloud services, social data, Hadoop, and unstructured data, and achieves real-time data linkage with the integrated processing of code conversion, data processing and tabulation.
  2. Enables the reduction of development time required for data integration to one-fifth, and the cost to one-third through development with highly-productive, codeless GUI, and the reuse of existing processing logic.
  3. Equipped with a data dictionary function that manages the location and definition of the data of each system, and a metadata management function that visualizes the data flow across the systems contributing to a reduced load not only in development, but in operation as well.

Features of Data Quality:

  1. Provides a Profiling function that monitors and evaluates the accuracy and quality of data.
  2. Equipped with a function that cleanses and collates data with quality issues, improving the quality of data by standardizing the format, eliminating redundant data, complementing addresses, and providing maximum business value.

Features of Informatica MDM:

  1. Provides an integration management function for various types of master data in each application.
  2. Enables synchronization between associated systems, providing a 360-degree customer view in omnichannel businesses.
  3. Contributes to the business side with cost reduction and increase of profit through visualization of information across the supply chain by integrating the global product codes and improving the operational process.

For system development projects that require development and integration of data, CTC offers data integration solutions not only with the sales of Informatica products, system construction, and maintenance support, but also with consultation at product introduction and training for product use. CTC continues to support data integration for customers by offering outsourcing services that include data cleansing, system migration support, and master data integration for further corporate utilization of big data in the future.

About ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation is a total solution provider with comprehensive capabilities that support IT life cycles from consultations that offer support in formulating business strategies, planning and design, integration of the construction of front-end mission-critical systems and large-scale infrastructure systems, to outsourcing services such as maintenance support and operation of data centers. It provides optimal service at all phases of IT life cycles for customers with proven reliable technological capabilities that have been developed through relations with the world’s most advanced IT vendors and a full operation/maintenance support system.

About Informatica Japan K.K.

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA) is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world rely on Informatica to realize their information potential and drive top business imperatives. Informatica Vibe, the industry’s first and only embeddable virtual data machine (VDM), powers the unique “Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.” capabilities of the Informatica Platform. Worldwide, over 5,000 enterprises depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets from devices to mobile to social to big data residing on-premise, in the Cloud and across social networks.

  • *1 ETL : Abbreviation of Extract/Transform/Load. To extract the data stored in systems, such as a company’s mission-critical task system, and process it into a form that is easy to use, and then write the data to a data warehouse, which is a database to perform analysis of the relevancy of data.

Note: Informatica, the Informatica Platform, PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality, Informatica MDM and Informatica Vibe are trademarks or registered trademarks of Informatica Corporation in the United States and in jurisdictions throughout the world. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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