[2016 New Year's Message] Boosting our Presence with Technology and Ideas

Jan 04, 2016 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

I would like to offer greetings to everyone as we embark on a new year.

Last year the CTC Group formulated its three-year medium-term management plan that will run until fiscal 2017 and focused on three shifts, namely the expansion of service-type business, the exertion of comprehensive group-level capabilities and investments in human resources, technologies and businesses.

With 2016 marking the second year of this medium-term management plan, we will continue to undertake each measure as we steadily promote these three shifts.

With highly advanced IT based around cloud computing having become easier to use, big businesses can now be created on the strength of ideas. Disruptions that connect people and things in real-time with IT and boost revenues through unconventional apparatus have intensified across all industries. The field of system integration is not exception, and with IT becoming increasingly generalized, disruptions that question the very existence of system integrators are advancing. CTC has also taken note of the need to combine new technologies and ideas to boost its presence.

In 2016, CTC will accelerate its shift towards service-type businesses including cloud computing and security with the creation of value through IT in mind.

In terms of cloud computing, in April we will begin offering CUVICmc2, a cloud service that is specialized in the mission-critical systems whose in-house ownership and operation is still the mainstream. We will also upgrade and expand security services positioned to respond to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated threats our customers face, making use of our Security Operation Center (SOC), which remotely monitors the status of security equipment 24/7/365.

In the field of science and engineering, AI and IoT technologies have already been commercialized in connection with renewable energies, and we will also strive to expand our business and drive greater innovation in this field.

We will continue with measures to encourage conventional morning-centric work and personnel system revisions, drive the ongoing promotion of workstyle reforms, and link these improvements to greater service quality and improved customer satisfaction. In so doing, we will contribute to change future for the Global Good.

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