[2017 New Year's Message] Achieving Results with an Agile Workstyle

Jan 04, 2017 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

As the second year of the three-year medium-term management plan, in 2016 the CTC Group promoted the three shifts, namely the expansion of service-type business, the exertion of comprehensive group-level capabilities, and investments in human resources, technologies and businesses.

We progressed steadily toward our goals last year. Our accomplishments included; the launch of CUVICmc2, a cloud service specializing in the mission-critical system, and Avail-I/Avail-ProE, system maintenance services in a multi-vendor environment; large-scale organizational changes intended to further cultivate existing business and expand regional business; and efforts toward establishment of the Indonesian base.

Beginning with Brexit, the world has undergone big changes, and we have realized uncertainty and complexity about the future with astonishment. Even in our daily life, we have seen digital transformations centered on IoT, AI, and FinTech, creating new IT services one after another. Many of those are still in the demonstration stage, but they will be set into practice this year.

CTC will find new uses of new IT by viewing technology from a practical business perspective and adapting itself flexibly and promptly according to the situation.

Meanwhile, following initiatives to encourage morning-centric work, last year we developed new schemes, including slide work, hourly paid leave, and mobile work, promoting our workstyle reforms to the second phase. We will continue to create a diversity-minded workplace where employees can choose their own workstyle according to their lifestyle. At the same time, we will change working styles by adopting a fresh attitude toward new technologies and even the very concept of the office. Agile Workstyle - this is the motto for this year, representing a flexible and prompt workstyle.

As we are in 2017, the final year of the medium-term management plan, we will accomplish the three shifts and produce results, and contribute to changing future for the Global Good through IT.

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