[2024 New Year’s Message] Full-scale Launch of CTC 5.0

Jan 04, 2024 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

I would like to offer greetings to everyone as we embark on a new year.

First of all, we would like to express our sincere condolences to those who lost their lives in the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, which occurred on January 1, 2024, and our sympathy to all those affected by the disaster.

In 2023, we entered the final year of our Medium-Term Management Plan (for FY2021-FY2023) entitled "Beyond the Horizons - To the Future Ahead -" and strived to achieve our goals under the following basic policies: "Accelerate," which focuses on DX support and expansion of business co-creation, "Expand," which aims to expand 5G and cloud computing businesses, and "Upgrade," which is intended to develop our human resources and transform our management foundation.

This new year of 2024 will finally see the full-scale launch of "CTC 5.0".

Since its establishment, CTC has grown by taking on and conquering challenges thrown by changing times, through the stages starting from CTC 1.0, which expanded its business in line with office automation and adoption of open systems to the current CTC 4.0, which focuses on expanding cloud and security services and contributing to DX with data analysis and AI technologies.

CTC 5.0 we are aiming to implement is a management system that places intellectual capital as the source of creative activities. We will establish a cycle in which we accelerate expansion of four basic intellectual capitals of "Human Capital", "Organizational & Structural Capital", "Relational Capital" and "Information Capital", hone our Waza (unique skillset) to combine technologies while promptly adopting new technologies and further expand intellectual capital with the profits and assets generated from these activities, thereby solidifying our sustainable growth.

In terms of technology, we will advance research on and verification of technologies including edge computing, which is expected to be used in various situations by being integrated with sensing technology and AI, and quantum computing, which is expected to dramatically expedite computational processing, not to mention generative AI, in order to focus on providing unique solutions that contribute to solving issues faced by our customers and society.

Last year, the takeover bid by ITOCHU Corporation was announced and CTC became a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. However, our duties and relationships with our customers will never change. Rather, the ownership change has enabled us to take on a variety of challenges that we could not have taken on alone without our parent company, and we believe that we now have an arrangement in place that will allow us to continue challenging ourselves to tackle future changes.

We also need our own philosophy, ethics and aesthetics to address unprecedented social issues such as global warming, growing global tension, energy depletion and food shortage. We will work on upgrading us to CTC 5.0 in 2024 by being connected with various fields and by integrating various Wazas.

Ichiro Tsuge
President and Chief Executive Officer

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ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, Corporate Communications Dept.


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