CTCSP Launches Cloud-based Security Services Provided by Assured

Offering "yamory", vulnerability management cloud service, and "Assured", platform for security risk assessment

Mar 29, 2024 CTCSP Corporation

CTCSP Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Hiroshi Torigoe, President; hereinafter “CTCSP”), which offers IT-related equipment and software as one of the consolidated subsidiaries of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation will start offering cloud-based security services provided by Assured, Inc. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Atsushi Oomori, President ). The services are “yamory”, a cloud service that streamlines management of vulnerability information and "Assured," a security assessment platform that visualizes the safety of cloud services. CTCSP aims to achieve sales of 700 million yen over the next three years by offering the services mainly to companies seeking to improve efficiency of security risk management and reduce operational burden of their cloud computing infrastructure. The services will be offered also on “ECSPice”, CTCSP's e-commerce website.

While the use of cloud services by corporations has been accelerating in recent years, cyber-attacks that exploit service vulnerabilities have been increasing year after year. Therefore, the need for risk management, including accurate identification of protection targets in increasingly complex system environments and preparation of efficient vulnerability countermeasures, has been on the rise.

yamory is a cloud service enabling efficient vulnerability management that has a unique vulnerability database with vulnerability information collected by security analysts from a variety of sources and automatically categorizes the vulnerabilities that need to be prioritized for action from the vast amount of vulnerability information with its auto-triage function. The easy-to-understand UI (user interface) and Japanese-language guide enable administrators of various skill levels to share roles and work on vulnerability countermeasures in an organized manner. In addition, the service includes a function for automatically detecting security risks due to cloud infrastructure misconfiguration (CSPM/Cloud Security Posture Management), a function for managing OSS license violation risks, and a function for managing security update expiration dates.

Assured is a platform that integrates cloud services’ security assessment information. Its risk assessment team, consisting of certified information system auditors and other qualified security experts, assesses security countermeasures of cloud service providers in Japan and abroad based on multiple international standards and the security guidelines of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The assessment results are integrated centrally into a database to be provided to platform users. The database is continuously being expanded by conducting new assessments on the latest cloud services, making it easy to check the security assessment information of cloud services online at any time. Use of this platform will lead to a significant reduction in man-hours and costs associated with pre-screening of cloud services and an improvement in screening quality.

CTCSP will continue to expand its security-related services and contribute to the stable operation of corporate systems with security services that respond to increasingly diverse cyber-attacks.

Overview of "yamory", a cloud service for vulnerability management
https://www.ctcsp.co.jp/products/assured/yamory/Open link in new window

The only cloud service in Japan which provides all-in-one vulnerability countermeasures and risk management for IT systems that used to be taken or conducted individually

Overview of Assured, a security assessment platform
https://www.ctcsp.co.jp/products/assured/assured/Open link in new window

Platform to support business efficiency by improving assessment accuracy in cloud service screening

We have received the following comment for this press release.

Assured, Inc. aims to contribute to the safe and secure DX of our entire society, in order to further promote the use of technologies that support improvement of productivity and creation of innovation. Through this partnership with CTCSP Corporation, we are committed to providing even greater value to our customers and will strive to become a provider of indispensable business infrastructures in the digital age.

Atsushi Oomori, President
Assured, Inc.

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CTCSP Corporation, Solution Development & Promotion Division


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