CTCSP Launches “Zoom Contact Center”, a Contact Center Solution from Zoom

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Contact Center Operation Efficiency

Apr 22, 2024 CTCSP Corporation

CTCSP Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Katsuya Kami, President; hereinafter “CTCSP”), which offers IT-related equipment and software as one of the consolidated subsidiaries of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (hereinafter “CTC”), will start offering “Zoom Contact Center”, a cloud solution for contact centers from Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (headquartered in California, U.S.A.; Eric S. Yuan, CEO; hereinafter “Zoom”). The solution is designed to improve customer satisfaction and contact center operation efficiency through video call interactions between operators and customers and is priced from 1.2 million yen (excluding tax) per year for 10 operators. CTCSP aims to achieve sales of 1 billion yen by the end of the next three years, by offering the solution mainly to customer service departments in the retail, mail order, and restaurant industries.

Contact centers use systems that are tailored to various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, and chat. Having high-quality communication at the best possible time that leads to customer satisfaction is the key to their business success.

Zoom Contact Center is a cloud-based contact center solution (CCaaS; Contact Center as a Service) that integrates a variety of communication channels including voice, chat, e-mail, and video calls. Especially among the channels, Zoom's high-quality video calls enable visual engagement between customers and operators to see the situations of customers, realizing rapid mutual understanding. For example, when a product malfunctions, a customer can take a picture of their problem situation by using their smartphone, and an operator can see the picture in real time, allowing the operator to identify the cause and take appropriate actions quickly. By realizing omni channels including video calls, voice, chat, and e-mail on a single platform, customers can select the appropriate channel according to their situation, which leads to further improvement of customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the use of Zoom Virtual Agent, a conversational AI bot, can reduce the number of inquiries and operator workload as well as resolve problems quickly through automated responses, thereby improving the efficiency of contact center operations.

Zoom Contact Center maintains the high level of security that has been developed through the provision of Zoom's various solutions. In addition, customer data can be accessed by integrating with existing systems, mainly CRM applications. It also supports remote and hybrid work for operators, and can be used in distributed contact centers.

CTCSP has a proven track record of providing many companies with Zoom product implementation support, training, and webinar support services. We will provide total support for construction of optimal systems including migration of contact center systems, operational support and integration with existing systems, by leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of the CTC Group.

Illustrative Overview of Zoom Contact Center

Illustrative Overview of Zoom Contact Center

We have received the following comment from Mr. Norihiro Shimogaki, Chairman and Representative Director of ZVC JAPAN KK.

Zoom continues strengthening its presence in the Japanese market through a strong partnership with CTCSP Corporation (CTCSP). We aim to increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency of contact center operations by implementing Zoom Contact Center and are proud of working with CTCSP to provide the advanced solution that integrates high-quality video calls, omnichannel communications and innovative conversational AI technology.
Zoom and CTCSP will remain committed to helping our customers grow and succeed in their businesses together. Through this valuable relationship with CTCSP, we look forward to helping to facilitate a more successful customer experience and operational efficiencies in the Japanese market.

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CTCSP Corporation, Solution Development Department


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