Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence

Ethical Initiatives for Artificial Intelligence

Basic Stance on AI ethics

In recent years, advanced solutions and knowledge have been created utilizing AI technology in many fields, such as business, society and culture. However, there can be unexpected ethical issues when using AI as a part of IT systems, such as issues related to fairness, safety and privacy.

In light of the changes in society and technology, the CTC Group has established its Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence for the provision of fair, transparent and trustworthy AI systems. Each and every employee will keep these ethical principles in mind and conduct business activities in compliance with laws, regulations and social norms, which will enable us to help our customers to succeed, increase corporate value, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence

1. Human-centric AI

We will contribute to a society in which people can experience happiness by utilizing AI for the benefit of people while respecting human rights. Each employee will keep their social responsibilities in mind and provide trustworthy AI systems that comply with social norms and laws. We will promote the ethically appropriate use of AI so that people and AI technology can collaborate to build a better society.

2. Contribution to society leveraging AI

We will leverage our vast knowledge and experience in information technology and collaborate with our customers, partners and product vendors to contribute to the establishment of an AI-powered society. We will lead the innovation of AI technology and contribute to the realization of a society that values peoples' well-being.

3. Providing fair AI

We have continued to engage in corporate activities focused on diversity and compliance. When utilizing AI, we will strive to provide unbiased and fair AI systems to enable the end users of the AI systems to not experience unfair discrimination and we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and better society.

4. Providing safe and reliable AI

We have been delivering mission-critical IT system infrastructure in cooperation with our customers. Through the continued advancement of our AI technology and expertise, we will provide reliable AI systems that consider the importance of quality, security and safety.

5. Consideration of privacy

We will ensue that information and data are managed strictly during the development and operation of AI systems. We will protect the personal privacy and rights of our customers and provide trustworthy AI systems for users.

6. Providing transparency in AI

We will develop transparent and verifiable AI systems that can ensure accountability for both anticipated and unanticipated AI behaviors.

7. Promoting widespread AI literacy

We will contribute to the advancement of society by nurturing employees capable of utilizing AI ethically. We will strive to spread knowledge about AI and build a society where all customers and citizens can equally benefit from AI through the development of IT systems, engagement in social contribution activities and the provision of IT education services.

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