CTC Group Capabilities to Support IT Lifecycle

Numerous innovative solutions, born out of CTC's history of continuous challenge in bringing about change

In the rapidly evolving field of IT, CTC stays on top of the latest technologies in order to select the optimal technologies and products for solving problems; swiftly identifies trends in clients' industries; and achieves a deep understanding of clients' needs in order to derive the ideal solutions to their issues. By continuing these efforts over the course of many years in the IT solutions business, the CTC Group has acquired the comprehensive system-building capabilities that enable us to cover all manner of industries. As a result of constantly challenging ourselves to resolve problems together with clients from different industries and business types, we have acquired specialized, industry-specific know-how, and are creating solutions that can be utilized by clients across a broad range of business areas.



Based on our extensive system building experience, CTC offers consulting services that provide seamless support across all stages of the IT life cycle.

System Integration

Industry-Specific Solutions

CTC leverages a major advantage based on technology and experience accumulated over its many years in the business to resolve issues in specific industrial fields that require deep, industry-specific expert knowledge and high-level know-how.

Telecommunications, Broadcasting
Large-scale networks, large-scale databases, high-volume transaction solutions
Finance, Insurance
Market-type systems, risk-management systems, customer channel-type systems
Commerce, Transportation
Core/mission critical systems, data analysis systems, e-commerce transaction systems
Manufacturing, etc.
Product design & development support, product management systems
Scientific calculation solutions in the construction and energy fields

IT Solutions

Based on our product-finding capabilities utilizing our strong alliances with the leading IT companies in countries around the world, and our technological capabilities in building open-type system architectures, CTC offers a lineup of new solutions that make use of the latest, cutting-edge technologies.

  • Cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Big Data and business intelligence
  • IT infrastructure building (virtualization and integration)
  • Security (unauthorized intrusion countermeasures and monitoring services)
  • Integrated office infrastructure
  • Contact centers and customer relationship management


As a pioneer of outsourcing in Japan, and utilizing track records and technology built up over many years in the business, CTC provides optimal outsourcing services based on the needs of its clients; from full outsourcing to outsourcing services that cater to specific, individual needs.

  • Maintenance & support
  • Operation & management
  • Office relocation
  • Technical training/education
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