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Wholesale / Retail

thumbnail image: Wholesale / Retail

Building services that allows us to buy the things we want, when we want

CTC provides information management support for all manner of processes, from the production of products right up until they are delivered into your hands. In convenience stores, this has enabled products to be stocked without shortages or excesses, and made it possible keep a supply of freshly made lunch boxes ready for purchase at any time of day.

Financial Institutions

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Building information systems for financial institutions

CTC builds, maintains and operates the systems used at various financial institutions including banks, securities brokerage firms and credit card companies. These systems run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no stops. We provide systems support and contribute to the improvement of services for these institutions.

Offices & Factories

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Contributing to the development of business enterprises

In this modern age, where IT systems are embedded into various social infrastructure, the impact of a single system failure on society can be enormous. CTC monitors and protects the systems used at offices, factories and other business locations where large numbers of people work-both in Japan and overseas-to ensure that they can continue to be used in safety and peace of mind.


thumbnail image: Telecommunications

Improving the safety and convenience of telecommunications services

CTC contributes to increasing the level of sophistication, security and service quality for mobile telecommunications services, including cellular phones and smartphones. Creating mechanisms for stable, high-speed data transfer services, security services such as anti-virus solutions, and file-sharing platforms for use with smartphones is also a part of our job.

Automotive & Transport

thumbnail image: Automotive and Transport

IT supporting safe and comfortable travel

Vehicles such as cars and planes are methods of transportation that support us in our everyday lives. Each and every day, almost 400,000 people use online plane ticket sales via the Internet. CTC provides fast, highly-responsive, web-based ticket sales systems that won't keep customers waiting; providing systems-related support to ensure comfortable air travel for all.

Public Institutions

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Improving the convenience of people's everyday lives

CTC supports the electronic automation of local government administrative services; increasing the level of convenience and comfort for local residents and also contributing to improving the efficiency of administrative duties. We provide support to ensure the provision of safe, highly reliable services for local residents, such as by supporting local government response to the introduction of the Japanese national identification number ("My Number") scheme and building strong, disaster-resistant systems.

Educational Institutions

thumbnail image: Educational Institutions

CTC systems are also used in the higher-education workplace

As competition between universities intensifies with the progression of Japan's low birth rate, CTC is providing system-building support to increase workflow efficiency and improve service quality at universities; offering a variety of solutions to support university-level education, research activities and university management through the effective utilization of IT.


thumbnail image: Science

For the safety and peace of mind of society

Moving into the 21st century numerous issues have become increasingly apparent; including global warming, large-scale natural disasters and energy-supply problems. Through the use of science and technology, CTC is contributing to ensuring safety and peace of mind for society, such as through the selection of suitable locations for wind turbines, energy-saving activities utilizing meteorological data, improving the earthquake resistance of large-scale structures and conducting safety analyses of equipment and facilities at nuclear power plants.

Energy & Resources

thumbnail image: Energy and Resources

Supporting the effective utilization of limited resources with IT technologies

Energy and resources-related industries such as oil and chemicals-which have long supported the Japanese economy-continue to provide products and services that relate directly to our daily lives, while at the same time responding to changing times, and the changing structure of the industrial landscape. In recent years, care and consideration for the environment has also become an important concern. Here, too, CTC provides systems and solutions that are used across various aspects of corporate activities.

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