CTC Commences Offer of Midokura’s Network Virtualization Solution

Achieving Reduction of System Construction Time and Cost by Using “MidoNet”

Jun 11, 2014 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; hereinafter “CTC”) has signed a reseller agreement for the first time in Japan with Midokura Japan K.K. (hereinafter “Midokura”), a Japanese global IT technology venture specialized in network virtualization technology. Today, it commences the sales of “MidoNet”, a network virtualization solution developed by Midokura. “Midonet” will be provided mainly to major telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers, and data center operators that are considering the construction of a cloud infrastructure, with the aim of achieving sales of one billion yen over the next three years.

Background of MidoNet use

In recent years, virtualization by logically integrating and dividing resources in hardware regardless of physical configuration has been firmly established in corporate system construction, and server and storage virtualization has become more common. However, the advantages of virtualization, such as flexibility and scalability, are not always being utilized with the physical network acting as a bottleneck. Because of the frequent occurrence of configuration changes of the physical network when expanding virtual servers and virtual storages within major telecommunication carriers and Internet service providers, solutions that provide flexible setting changes of the physical network by using the existing equipment is required.

Features of MidoNet

MidoNet is a network virtualization software that decouple logical network from physical network. It runs on commodity servers and provide network services such as virtual switch and virtual routers. A highly-functioning network can be virtually configured by using the existing standard x86 server and network switch. It features distributed architecture that can store network information in each node and has excellent scalability and fault tolerance which makes it easy to add each node and take actions for failure occurrence than with a physically built network. With the use of MidoNet, configuration changes and expansion can be performed with the physical network remaining unchanged which enables the reduction of operational costs necessary for the modifications and a quick response to the development of service.
Also, MidoNet is equipped with a plug-in for OpenStack※1 , a cloud infrastructure software, an open source software, that supports the changes in network settings performed automatically according to the resource changes of virtual servers and virtual storage in the cloud performed by OpenStack.
CTC has already been involved in the development of cloud infrastructure that use OpenStack and will offer support in the construction of cloud infrastructure for customers by using its expertise in providing the cloud service and combining it with other solutions. Midokura offers development and maintenance support using Japan as its business base and is able to provide quick support in development and improvement of its products as well as maintenance.

CTC will continue to provide customers with support in system introduction through network virtualization in a multivendor environment and construction of more flexible IT infrastructure.

The following comments are from Midokura:

Midokura is very pleased to have created a partnership with CTC, one of Japan’s leading system integrators who has experience and skills in the field of networking and cloud providers. MidoNet can satisfy customer needs only when used in combination with various products. Midokura looks forward to the opportunity to develop solutions that meet the individual demands of customers, ranging from cloud providers to enterprises through collaboration with CTC.

Dan Mihai Dumitriu
Co-founder and CEO

About Midokura

Midokura is a global company focused on network virtualization. The team has a pedigree including Amazon, Google, VMWare and Cisco, and has spent more than three years building MidoNet, a complete overlay network virtualization solution that integrates with cloud platforms, such as OpenStack. Founded in 2010, Midokura has offices in San Francisco, Tokyo and Barcelona, and is on the web at http://www.midokura.com.
  • *1 OpenStack:The cloud infrastructure software that was developed with open-source software. It offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), virtual machines and storage facilities to provide storage services, and the management function of networks in combination with virtualization software.

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