CTC Globally Launches System Operation and Monitoring Services in the ASEAN Region

To Provide the 24 Hours Proactive Monitoring Services and the Multilingual Help Desk Serves

Nov 20, 2014 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO) will launch the CTC Proactive Service (CPS) on November 28 together with CTC Global Sdn Bhd (CTC Global Malaysia, headquartered: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; Dennis Koh Seng Huat, Managing Director), a Group company in Malaysia responsible for IT system development and maintenance. CPS is an operation and monitoring service designed to improve the efficiency of customer system operations through the use of automation technology, monitor operations 24 hours a day to prevent failures, and help desk in English, Malay and Chinese. CTC and CTC Global Malaysia will provide this service mainly to Japanese companies in the ASEAN region, who demand the same level of IT governance as that in Japan. They aim to secure orders from 50 companies per year.

Recently, in the ASEAN region where many Japanese companies have entered, the local operation of IT systems has been increasingly important due to the tightening of security regulations and other legislation, and because of the need to reduce costs. Thus, companies in the region are required to operate their systems efficiently by maintaining the same high level of service as that in Japan.

In response to these needs, CTC and CTC Global Malaysia will launch the CTC Proactive Service (CPS), an operation and monitoring service intended for companies worldwide including ASEAN region. It addresses failures through the provision of 24-hour, 365-day preventive monitoring of systems and an automation technology called Run Book Automation*1 (RBA). The new service also ensures the safety of IT communications during remote access, and offers a portal site for administration that allows customers to check the statuses of their systems in real time. For approximately 60% of the operations for addressing failures can be patterned, RBA will enable user companies to improve system operating efficiency and reduce system operation costs by up to 30%.
CTC Global Malaysia has been providing system maintenance services for many years through its 23 locations in Malaysia. The new services will enable it to offer comprehensive after-sales services ranging from the preventive monitoring of systems to addressing failures that have occurred.

CTC already provides 24-hour, 365-day operation and monitoring services for more than 120 customers in Japan through its Remote Operation Center (ROC). This center was established inside the CTC TECHNOLOGY Corporation, a Group company that provides maintenance services and other forms of customer support. The system CTC has established in Malaysia possesses the same operation functionality as the ROC in Japan. Drawing upon the expertise it has acquired in Japan through provision of maintenance services and services using ROC, CTC will use this new system to begin providing the CTC Proactive Service.

The CTC Group, of which CTC Global Malaysia is a part, will utilize its comprehensive strength to enhance the functionality of the CTC Proactive Service and thereby further expand its global business including the ASEAN region.

  • *1 What is Run Book Automation (RBA)? : RBA is a function which enables the automation of a series of various system operation processes by defining them as workflows. Through the use of RBA, operations that used to take 30 minutes may be completed in about 2 minutes.

About CTC Global Sdn Bhd

CTC Malaysia has provided system integration services for enterprises in Malaysia, including those in the financial and public sectors, for more than 40 years through its strong partnerships with advanced IT companies in North America. There are approximately 600 professionals working for the company at 23 locations across Malaysia, providing services that are available throughout the entire country.

About CTC TECHNOLOGY Corporation

CTC TECHNOLOGY Corporation, a CTC Group company, is a core company that provides customer support, including maintenance, operation, and monitoring services. Drawing upon its advanced technological capacity and problem solving abilities developed within a multi-vendor environment, the company provides 24-hour, 365-day support for customer systems through its nearly 100 customer service bases in Japan.

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