Supply Chain Procurement Policy

The mission assumed by the CTC Group is to challenge IT’s potential to change the future and to contribute to the achievement of an affluent society that has aspirations. Initiatives across supply chains are necessary for carrying out this mission. The CTC Group established the Supply Chain Procurement Policy based on this view. The CTC Group will observe this policy with the aim of ensuring the sustained growth of suppliers in Japan and overseas, and society as a whole.

  1. The CTC Group respects human rights and promotes initiatives that give consideration to matters including the elimination of forced labor, child labor and improper wage labor and respect for rights associated with the freedom of association.
  2. The CTC Group emphasizes labor practices including comprehensive safety and health at places of work and the elimination of discrimination.
  3. The CTC Group emphasizes the reduction of environmental loads, the efficient use of resources and the prevention of environmental pollution, and promotes the preservation of biodiversity through its operating activities.
  4. The CTC Group observes laws, regulations and rules in Japan and overseas, and works exhaustively to make trade fair, transparent and free and to prevent corruption.
  5. The CTC Group ensures the quality and safety of products and services.
  6. The CTC Group manages information associated with its businesses strictly and handles such information properly.
  7. The CTC Group avoids procuring products using mineral resources that act as sources of funds in regions of conflict.
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