CTC Begins Offering Sinequa Products that Enable Comprehensive Batch Search

Software Uses Natural Language Processing and AI to Achieve Major Reductions in Data Search Times

Oct 15, 2018 ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (Satoshi Kikuchi, President & CEO; headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter "CTC") has become the first company in Japan to sign a partnership agreement with French company Sinequa (Alexandre Bilger, President & CEO; headquartered in Paris, France; hereinafter "Sinequa"), a developer and provider of cognitive search*1 and analytics platforms utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI. Based on this agreement, as of today, CTC will commence sales of Sinequa ES*2, a search engine that works in conjunction with companies' internal and external systems and clouds to enable batch searching of various data sources, including both structured and unstructured data. CTC will provide a full range of services in relation to Sinequa ES, including consulting services for deployment and utilization of the product and technical support services. CTC will aim to achieve sales revenues of ¥2 billion over the next three-year period, with a primary focus on the life sciences industry.

Changes in the Life Sciences Industry

In recent years, a digital transformation is taking place in the field of life sciences, with companies seeking to achieve higher speed and greater efficiency in the development of new drugs through initiatives such as open innovation collaborations (between industry, government and academia), and analyses of massive volumes of data. As documents and various other types of data continue to be generated on a daily basis, the question of how efficiently data can be searched to extract the necessary information in the course of research, development, manufacture, sales and other work conducted at pharmaceutical companies is becoming an increasingly important factor in shortening drug development times.

Sinequa ES Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform

Sinequa ES is a Cognitive Search & Analytics platform that works in conjunction with companies' internal and external systems and cloud-based systems storing unstructured data, to enable batch searching of multiple data sources. The solution performs comprehensive searches of data assets including file servers, databases, portals, e-mail, websites and social media. It then analyzes, classifies and displays the results for users. Sinequa ES is equipped with NLP and Machine Learning capabilities, enabling it to produce elaborate search results by extracting key themes from documents and categorizing results based on those themes. In addition to an easy-to-use user interface and sophisticated visualization of search results, the software can also be integrated with other systems through the use of external APIs.

Main Features of Sinequa ES

1. Connectors with over 180 system types

Sinequa ES provides over 180 connectors (as standard) for integration with search targets including systems, software and clouds, enabling search tasks that would originally have been performed via each individual system to be performed comprehensively via the Sinequa search portal. It also offers connectors for integration with software and services specialized towards work in the life sciences sector.

2. Patented NLP technology

Sinequa ES supports NLP for 21 languages, including Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. It is also capable of categorizing and performing natural text searches of documents, e-mails and other unstructured data sources using sophisticated recognition technologies.

3. AI capabilities

Sinequa ES provides advanced Machine Learning capabilities, enabling it to offer more sophisticated search functionality (in comparison with typical full-text searches) based on the user's search and reference histories, as well as those of other users.

Services to be Provided by CTC

As Sinequa's first partner in Japan, CTC will provide deployment-related consulting and training, maintenance support and other services, including integration with customers' existing systems. By utilizing its many years of experience and expertise supporting IT-related aspects of customers' drug development efforts, CTC will continue contributing to the digital transformations of customers in the life sciences field, while at the same time promoting the utilization of Sinequa ES and the convenience it offers in various other industries, including the finance, IT and telecommunications industries.

Sinequa search screen

Sinequa search screen

Screenshot displaying cognitive search results for a Sinequa search of internal and external data relating to specific keywords

Screenshot displaying cognitive search results for a Sinequa search of internal and external data relating to specific keywords

About Sinequa

Sinequa is a software vendor that provides cognitive search and analytics platforms for global companies and government agencies, working under the slogan of “Become Information-Driven.” Sinequa's solutions contribute to the formulation of corporate strategies through the extraction of valuable insights from information assets via integrated searches of both structured data (e.g. numerical values) and unstructured data (e.g. textual documents, images and voice). Sinequa's products are not only limited to use in the life sciences industry, and are already being utilized in a wide range of other industries including manufacturing and finance, as well as government-related applications.

  • *1 Cognitive search: Software and/or technologies that enable searching of various data sources by understanding, learning and making predictions based on natural language.
  • *2 Sinequa ES: An abbreviation for Sinequa Enterprise Search.

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